MAFS' Eden addresses Jayden breakup: 'Completely out of the blue'

EXCLUSIVE: Eden Harper has addressed Jayden Eynaud's blindside, stating they are no longer in contact.

Married At First Sight's Eden Harper has spoken out about her shock breakup with Jayden Eynaud, saying the split felt "completely out of the blue" for her.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Eden confirmed the breakup blindsided her, saying Jayden called it quits towards the end of the show airing and that the MAFS groom just felt "done" with the relationship.

"It happened towards the end of the show airing. I can't really remember the exact date," Eden said. "But it was towards those last couple of weeks of the show being on TV. It was completely out of the blue for me, a bit of a blindside I suppose... it was just like a normal night. And he just said, 'Yeah, I'm done'."

Eden said she tried to reason with Jayden about the relationship.

"There was no argument, no nothing. He just said it out of the blue. I definitely did try to reason with him and try to figure it out and see if it was things we could work on, if he felt a certain way about anything... and yeah there was nothing. Nothing for him."

Jayden and Eden final vows MADS
Jayden and Eden were one of the stronger couples on this season of MAFS. Photo: Nine

Eden states she and Jayden are no longer in contact: 'He hasn't responded'

Eden also said the two are no longer in contact.

"I wanted to have a friendship and to be civil, but yeah, he hasn't responded. This must just be the way he deals with things, I suppose."


Since the breakup, fans have flooded Eden's TikTok announcement with support, and likened Jayden to his brother Mitch who was paired with Ella Ding in the 2022 series of MAFS.

"There are a lot of differences with Jayden and Mitch, but there are a lot of similarities too, definitely. I do think there are distinct differences that are probably the ones that he spoke about on the show, like Jayden is wildly disciplined. He doesn't care so much for friends and a social life and stuff like that. He's really focused and obsessive, almost, on his sport," Eden explained.

"But they can be a little bit of a smartass at times," she laughed. "You know, that, like the banter between them. You can tell they're brothers."

Eden, Jayden, Mitch MAFS
Jayden recently uploaded this photo with Eden and his brother Mitch. Photo:

Eden calls MAFS dinner party scene 'eye-opening'

Eden also touched on one of the scenes in MAFS where it was portrayed that she had stopped listening to Jayden at a dinner party, after she desperately didn't want to go to the dinner party in the first place due to anxiety.

"I didn't want to go to the dinner party or watching that back was pretty eye-opening for me as well," she said. "I just saw it from a different view. I remember at the time thinking like, 'I'm going insane' like I don't understand, thinking that I was doing the wrong thing."

Eden and Jayden MAFS dinner party
Eden and Jayden in a tense moment from a dinner party that Eden wanted to leave. Photo: Nine

Eden referenced that dinner party episode and Jayden's Confessions Week letter as the hardest episodes to watch back on, but stated she really did fall in love during the experiment.


"I think those two episodes were definitely the hardest watch. But, the rest of it, Jayden and I had a pretty smooth journey and I honestly did really fall in love on the show. We had an amazing time and I'm grateful that I was paired with him because I wouldn't have enjoyed the show as much as I did if I wasn't paired with Jayden."

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