Kmart drops $6 version of popular $65 Drunk Elephant product: 'It's phenomenal!"

A beauty influencer has shared her take on the Kmart dupe which is also causing a stir online.

Kmart is right on top of its dupe game right now and when it comes to make-up its latest product drop is no exception.

Everyone’s favourite budget retailer has just released a dupe of one of the cult-beauty brand Drunk Elephant’s most sought-after products - Di Bronzi. The bronzing drops are one of the beauty brands' most popular buys, with 4.6-star reviews.

So it’s no wonder Kmart is jumping on the bandwagon - along with a bunch of other beauty companies - and selling a dupe of the popular product.

So what’s the big difference? The Drunk Elephant original will set you back $65 while the Kmart version from their brand OXX is $6. So how do they compare?

Ashley Day holds up Kmart's Drunk Elephant bronzer dupe.
Ashlee Day tried the Kmart version of the Drunk Elephant bronzer saying the two were very similar. Photo: TikTok/@ashleedaymua

Beauty reviewer Ashlee Day who runs the TikTok page ashleedaymua gave her opinion on how well the Kmart dupe holds up in a video that has now been viewed over 70,000 times.

“What does this look like to you!? I picked these up in Kmart yesterday and they were $6 each,” she excitedly told her one million followers.


“We have bronzing drops and blush drops and we need to put these to the test.”

Testing them out for herself, Ashlee used the Drunk Elephant version on one side of her face and the OXX Cosmetics version on the other.

Mixing both with a bit of moisturiser on the back of her hand, she applied it to either side of her face.

“Notice this is a lot more liquidy, She said of the Kmart version adding that “it’s a little bit more pigmented” than the Drunk Elephant.

Drunk Elephant bronzer (left) and the Kmart version (right).
The two products definitely look similar. TikTok/@ashleedaymua

After applying both and rubbing them in evenly, Ahlee couldn’t believe how her face looked.

“I only used a tiny bit of that Kmart one and look, it’s literally the same,” she said. “It blended beautifully”.

“It’s definitely more pigmented so you are getting a lot more bang for your buck with the Kmart one because you are going to get more pigment so you’ll use less product. It’s $6 bucks! It looks phenomenal!”

Beauty influencer's verdict on Kmart dupe

After applying a full face of makeup to both sides of her face, she delivered her final verdict, with her choice surprising her fans.

"Honestly, I rarely say this but I’d go with the Kmart version - I’m being deadset serious,” she said.

“It’s $6 bucks it did the job it evened my skin tone out, it’s lightweight you can use it under makeup you can use it as a bronzer. Honestly, both slay but for $6 I’d go the Kmart one."

And plenty of Kmart fans online agree with Ashlee.

“The Kmart one is better and it's so much cheaper it's crazy! we need you to try the rosy drops now!” one surprised fan said.

kmart bronzer
She used the Drunken Elephant on the left side of her face and the Kmart version on the right. She said both did a great job on her skin. Photo: TikTok/@ashleedaymua

'I only use Kmart makeup now'

“Kmart dupes are where it's at. I only use Kmart makeup now. my skin has never felt better, to be honest,” another agreed.

Many followers agreed that Kmart has definitely upped their game in the makeup department saying that the OXX brand has improved recently.

“Oxx beauty is actually so good now I got the cream contour blush set so good,” one person commented.


“I have been testing oxx facial products and cosmetics for some time. They're amazing...the watermelon facial products are spectacular and the cosmetics are. Keep them coming Kmart,” another added.

“OXX beauty is actually so good and I’m a high-end makeup snob,” agreed a third.

But as usual, this dupe is going to be hard to come by with some savvy shoppers already reporting that it is out of stock.

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