Kmart's Charlotte Tilbury dupes send beauty lovers wild: 'I almost fainted'

The retailer is offering affordable alternatives to cult favourites.

It's no secret that beauty lovers are all about that Charlotte Tilbury life – her glowy, dewy creations are practically legendary and always in high demand. But for those who have fewer funds to lavish on luxury looks, it's your time to shine... quite literally.

Kmart, aka the masters of the dupe game, has come through once more with a lineup of makeup and skincare that bear a striking resemblance to those luxe Tilbury goodies.

Kmart Charlotte Tilbury Dupes
The new line of Charlotte Tilbury dupes from Kmart has social media buzzing. Photo: TikTok/@caishadaniellee

In fact Kmart's latest drop, the OXX Sparkling Rose collection, is drawing some major comparisons to Tilbury's coveted lineup.


Featuring liquid blush and highlighter wands, contouring and bronzer products, this range is causing quite a stir on social media, with some users even suggesting it could rival Tilbury's best sellers. Looks like budget beauty just got a major upgrade!

$60 Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand v $8 Blush Wand from Kmart. Photo: Charlotte Tilbury/Kmart
The $60 Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand and the comparable Blush Wand from Kmart which retails for just $8. Photo: Charlotte Tilbury/Kmart
Charlotte Tilbury Kmart Dupes
Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath retails at $54 while the similar OXX Cosmetics Sparkling Rose Lip Gloss sells for $6. Photo: Charlotte Tilbury/Kmart

"I almost fainted going into Kmart," exclaimed one TikToker, sharing her complete Kmart makeup routine with her followers.

"I have noticed, their Sparkling Rose collection looks a little familiar..." she remarked, drawing attention to the striking resemblance to the Tilbury range. "These dupes are better than the expenny brands imo. Save ya pennies and look cute!"

Kmart's OXX Dupes vs. Charlotte Tilbury's Luxe Line

Indeed, Kmart's cosmetics aisle is positively raining dupes, offering a seemingly endless array of budget-friendly alternatives to high end brand looks.

Kmart Charlotte Tilbury dupe Photo: TikTok/@caishadaniellee
Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter is a cult favourite and comes with a $70 price tag to match, while Kmart's OXX dupe is just $12. Photo: TikTok/@caishadaniellee


The OXX Luminous Skin Tint at just $12, might just give you the same radiant glow as Tilbury's beloved Flawless Filter, but without the hefty $70 price tag.

Their $8 eyeshadow quad is a dead ringer for Tilbury's $89 Luxury Palette, and their $8 beauty wands are twinning with Tilbury's $60 Beauty Light Wands.

EYES TO MESMERISE $50, Kmart OXX Cosmetics Sparkling Rose Metallic Eyeshadow Cream  $6.00
Tilbury's cream eyeshadow will set you back $50 while the Kmart offering is only $6. Photo: Charlotte Tilbury/Kmart

As if that wasn't enough, the Sparkling Rose line boasts $6 Lip Glosses, metallic eyeshadow creams, and highlighters, all serving as affordable alternatives to Charlotte Tilbury's high-priced offerings.

Social media approves

"These look incredible," exclaimed a social media user on seeing the range, while another chimed in, "Love the packaging - so luxe!"

"Kmart is definitely coming for Charlotte Tilbury," one beauty influencer declared. "These very much look like Charlotte Tilbury beauty wands," he added, specifically referring to Kmart's Sparkling Rose blush and highlighter wands.

Kmart and Charlotte Tilbury Highlighters
Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Glow Highlighter is $73 vs OXX Cosmetics Sparkling Rose Highlighter $8.00. Photo: Charlotte Tilbury/Kmart
Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Pallete at $89 vs the Kmart Sparkling Rose Eyeshadow Quad Set for $8. Photo:  TikTok/@katies_cosmopolitan
Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Pallete at $89 vs the Kmart Sparkling Rose Eyeshadow Quad Set for $8. Photo: TikTok/@katies_cosmopolitan

Charlotte Tilbury has established itself as a frontrunner in the world of luxury beauty, renowned for its exquisite formulations, glamorous packaging, and celebrity endorsements.


It's a stroke of brilliance for Kmart to introduce budget-friendly alternatives that capture the essence of Tilbury's coveted products, offering beauty lovers an accessible option without hurting the hip pocket.

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