Kmart shopper shares incredible list of cheap dupes: 'This is unreal'

A TikToker has revealed how to get designer items without paying full price.

A TikToker has stunned Kmart fans with a list of eight dupes that can save customers hundreds of dollars. Her video quickly racked up over 850,000 views and hundreds of comments, with many fellow shoppers surprised by the potential savings.

Comparing Kmart’s alternative beauty products, water bottles and electronics to more expensive brands, she told shoppers that she’s “loving” the budget retailer’s offerings.

L: TikToker Liv with a Kmart logo. R: Peter Alexander and Kmart dupe
A TikToker has shared some incredible Kmart dupes. Photo: TikTok/livbeauty3

The video started off by comparing Drunk Elephant’s Anti-Pollution Sunshine Drops, which usually cost $54. Kmart’s beauty brand OXX offers a similar product called Bronzer Drops, but they’re a steal at just $6 — a saving of $48.

She also included two drink bottle dupes, comparing Stanley’s $175 Quencher with Kmart’s $16 travel cup, and the popular $60 Frank Green bottle with Kmart’s $15 double-walled bottle.


The TikToker also pointed out one of Kmart’s most impressive items, a set of satin pyjamas that looked awfully similar to Peter Alexander’s $130 silk set. Not only is Kmart’s version $110 cheaper at $20 for a set, but many people in the comments also said it was “better quality” than the branded set.

Frank Green and Kmart Dupe, Drunk Elephant and Kmart Dupe
Kmart shoppers went wild over the bargains she shared. Photo: TikTok/livbeauty3

“The Peter Alexander dupes are not only significantly cheaper but better quality,” claimed one Kmart fan.

“Best PJs ever!!! Got like three colours,” another added.

“The Kmart pyjamas are so damn comfy and cheap and awesome, would recommend,” a third chimed in.

Lots of Kmart shoppers also thanked the TikToker for sharing the great deals, with one saying it was absolutely “unreal”.

“You’re a queen for this. Running to Kmart now,” one wrote.

“This is why Kmart is my therapy,” another quipped.

“This makes me want to do a late night Kmart run now,” a third added.

However, there was one dupe the TikToker included which wasn’t welcomed by shoppers.

Sharing a photo of the popular $100 Revlon Volumiser Blowout Brush, the Kmart fan compared it to Kmart’s $35 Hot Air Styler. While it’s a huge saving, many comments warned fellow customers not to purchase this particular item.


“Mine started sparking after the second use so I took it back to Kmart,” one shopper wrote.

“That Revlon dupe literally caught on fire five minutes after I started using it. It also made a screeching noise,” another added.

“Don’t trust the Kmart air styler, my first one I tried smelt like it was burning the entire time and my replacement one caught on fire,” a third remarked.

“Any dupe electronic items I’ve bought from Kmart never last me at all. That’s one thing I’d rather spend good money for,” another pointed out.

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