Farmer Wants A Wife favourite responds to spin-off rumours: 'Overwhelmed'

EXCLUSIVE: Anna Wilson spills on her post-show plans.

With the 2024 season of Farmer Wants A Wife nearing its end, fans have taken to social media to demand a spin-off series starring one of this year’s unlucky ladies.

Although Anna Wilson failed to win the heart of Farmer Dustin, who chose to pursue a relationship with Sophie Trethowan during Monday night’s episode, she definitely won Australia's hearts thanks to her kind-hearted and compassionate nature.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Anna Wilson.
Farmer Wants A Wife fans have called for a spin-off series starring Dustin's runner-up Anna Wilson. Photo: Channel Seven

One viewer shared a post on Reddit this week calling for the 28-year-old midwife to be cast in another TV show because she is “an absolute queen”.

“Hear me out, let's get a spin-off where Country Town Wants a Midwife,” they wrote. “They bring her around to [agriculture] shows in small towns where they bring out their top crop of eligible bachelors, the CWA do their pitch, hospital staff show her a good time, and even real estate agents show her what her new home could look like.

“We could extend the spin-off to a few fan favourites with useful professions or just make it the Anna show - since she's all they need. Channel 7 - are you here and reading this?”


Fans were quick to reply and say they were “all for this idea” because Anna has a beautiful soul and is “just too good to fade into obscurity”.

Meanwhile, others suggested that Anna be cast on the next season of The Bachelorette or a reality show specifically about birthing babies.

“I think a new format, new producers, and make it more of a community thing rather than a harem competition,” one viewer shared. “But while they're at it they can/should show off the town's dating prospects.”

Farmer Wants A Wife's Anna Wilson and Farmer Dustin.
One fan said Anna is ‘just too good to fade into obscurity’. Photo: Channel Seven

Anna has since responded to the spin-off ideas, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that she’s seen the Reddit thread and it made her laugh.

“It’s too funny! I actually can’t believe the response I have had,” she remarks. “Everyone has sent me thousands of kind and beautiful messages and I’m feeling quite overwhelmed about it all.”


Despite being a fan-favourite, however, Anna says she has no plans to return to reality TV or build a career in the public eye.

“At the end of the day, I am just a midwife living in a small country town who signed up to a show in the hopes of finding a husband and absolutely nothing else,” she shares.

“I didn’t get the husband, so I think I’m just going to slip back into my ordinary little life.”

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