Farmer Wants A Wife fans slam 'disrespectful' move: 'Embarrassing and desperate'

Fans were left very unimpressed by Karli's move with Farmer Bert.

Farmer Wants A Wife fans have slammed one of Farmer Bert's ladies for a 'disrespectful' move towards the other girls on the farm. Karli was left upset on Tuesday night's episode when Bert was given the opportunity to choose an intimate date that had been organised by one of his ladies.

The farmers didn't know who had organised each date and chose the one that sounded the most enjoyable to them.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Karli Hinkley
Farmer Wants A Wife fans have slammed Karli after she stole Bert straight after he got back from a date with Brooke. Photo: Seven

Bert chose Brooke's idea and the pair enjoyed an afternoon of painting followed by a picnic.

When the pair returned to the farmhouse, Karli immediately grabbed him to show him would could have been if he'd chosen her date, leaving Brooke feeling heartbroken that her thunder was stolen so quickly after the date.


"She might be hijacking the end of your date," Taneil said to an upset Brooke.

"There was a weird energy," Brooke told the producers. "I feel like there were some games at play and I just didn't want a part of that."

"The chemistry between Bert and I is like nothing else," Karli is then heard saying as we see her blindfold him and feed him chilli.

Farmer Bert and Brooke
Farmer Bert and Brooke had only just got back from their solo date when Karli stole him away. Photo: Seven

Brooke shared that she felt "vulnerable" and "a bit hurt" by Karli's actions, adding that she was left unsure whether she should have let her guard down with Bert during their date.

"I don't care about what Karli was trying to do, and I have nothing nice to say," she told the cameras.

Fans were quick to slam Karli's "disrespectful" move, with one user writing, "Karli is embarrassing and so desperate. I don’t think she has many girls friends as she only thinks about herself."

"I feel like Bert should either treat the girls equally or pick Karli and send the others home," another said.

"Karli is absolutely the type of woman I would avoid," a third said. "It gives ✨b****y energy✨. Bert should have turned her down. He was still on an active date, FFS."

"Brooke, you deserve better #FarmerAU," someone else added.


"Karli is busy plotting her next move while the other two [are] busy cooking dinner. #farmerau #notfair," another said.

"Imagine if one of the other women had pulled this after Karli's date with Bert," someone else pointed out.

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