Farmer Wants A Wife fans think they've figured out Bert's pick: 'Took his breath away'

Farmer Wants a Wife fans are sure they know Bert's chosen lady.

We're only two episodes in, but Farmer Wants A Wife fans are certain they have figured out who Farmer Bert Harris will choose at the end of the show. Taking to Facebook, fans are convinced Karli Hinkley is the girl for him.

"She was my pick last night straight away," one user wrote in a Facebook group. "Seems [so] genuine."

Farmer Wants A Wife fans think they have figured out who Farmer Bert chooses at the end of the show. Photo: Seven
Farmer Wants A Wife fans think they have figured out who Farmer Bert chooses at the end of the show. Photo: Seven

"She looks lovely and natural, I think they would be perfect together," another added.

"She handled his shyness well," a third agreed.

"Hope he chooses her she's stunning and they fit so good together ❤️," another said.


"Karli took his breath away," someone else said, with one user adding, "He seemed a bit gobsmacked by her."

"Stunning! Early days, but she is my pick," one fan wrote.

"There was definitely a sizzle there..." yet another said.

"Roll credits, he's done," one Instagram user joked.

Others shared that they liked Karli "straight away" and thought Bert would pick her for the 24-hour solo date.

"Bert seems like a very genuine, caring, kind person," Karli told the cameras after their speed date. "Yeah, he's genuinely pretty special, I think."

She told the other girls that "there was definitely sparks" between her and Bert and appeared quite confident.

Karli on Farmer Wants a Wife
Fans wrote that "Karli took his breath away". Photo: Seven

Bert seemed quite nervous on the date, but one thing to note is that the music that was being played was certainly of a hopeful nature.

The farmer described Karli as "distracting," adding that it was "intimidating" finding the right questions to ask her on the date.

Karli added that Bert's smile "sweeps me off my feet", while he told producers, "I think there's a bit of a spark there."

What Farmer Bert is looking for in a woman

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Bert revealed what he's looking for in a partner, telling us, "Excitement's a big one for me. You know, like when you're coming home, and you actually want to spend genuine time with that person.

"Like I'm fine not talking all day, because then when you get home, you actually have something to talk about. Like, if you're texting all day... when you get home, it's like, well I already know what you did all day."

He continues, "So, yeah, just getting home and being excited to see each other, like go down to the beach and have a beer, or whatever it is you're doing, but actually being excited to see each other and spend that time together is pretty crucial to me."

Farmer Wants A Wife's Bert and Caity on their 24-hour solo date
Farmer Wants A Wife's Bert and Caity enjoyed what appeared to be a very special 24-hour solo date. Photo: Seven

Bert remained coy about whether he'd actually found what he was looking for on the show, refusing to give anything away, however, he did say that his biggest green flag in a woman is independence.

"Mine would have to be independence," he says. "Like, I'm busy a lot of the time, and there are certain times of the year... where you're working late hours, you're up early, and you're not around a lot of the time, so you kind of need somebody that's got their own group of friends and is quite happy to do whatever they're doing.


"You know, if they're playing some social sport, or doing Pilates or something but just having that independence where you're not, I guess, being relied on full time when you can't give yourself full time, [because] you're already married to the farm."

Given that Karli revealed on her date that her father is a farmer, she may very well know what she's getting herself into and might be the perfect choice for Bert.

Of course, he did have what appeared to be an amazing 24-hour date with Caity Dunn, so who knows what will happen!

After asking if Caity and Bert had shared a kiss on their date, Karli told the cameras, "I think that Bert and Caity would have kissed, yes."

"I try not to think about it too much. Because at the end of the day, he will be all mine and I won't be worrying about it."

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