Farmer Wants A Wife fans divided over contestant's celebrity lookalike: 'First thing I thought'

Many fans were convinced Farmer Wants A Wife's Karli has a doppelganger.

Farmer Wants A Wife fans have been left divided after one Facebook user suggested one of Farmer Bert's ladies, Karli Hinkley, looks like Suits star and the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle.

Sharing a side-by-side image, the user simply asked for fellow fans thoughts, with one user responding, "Yes, first time I saw her."

Farmer Wants A Wife Karli Hinkley
Farmer Wants A Wife fans have been left divided on social media over whether or not a contestant looks like a certain celebrity. Photo: Seven

"Yes, I thought the same too," another added.

"The first thing I thought when I saw her!" a third wrote.

"My hubby said the same thing!" someone else said.


"I was only saying that to my partner last night that she looks like her," yet another said.

"I kept saying this to my husband too!" one person added.

Others weren't so convinced, with one user writing, "She is way better looking than Meghan."

"Definitely don't looks similar at all," another said.

Meghan Markle
Some fans thought Karli looked like Meghan Markle. Photo: Getty

"No can't see a resemblance in her features at all," a third added.

"Not even close," someone else said.

"I think she's gorgeous though," yet another added.

Another said Karli looked like The Block's Alisa and Lysandra, with another agreeing, saying, "She does hey!"

The Block's Alisa and Lysandra
Another said Karli looked like The Block's Alisa and Lysandra. Photo: Instagram/alisa_lysandra

Fans convinced they've figured out Bert's pick

It comes after some fans believed Karli would be the girl Farmer Bert chooses at the end.

"She was my pick last night straight away," one user wrote in a Facebook group. "Seems [so] genuine."

"She looks lovely and natural, I think they would be perfect together," another added.


"She handled his shyness well," a third agreed.

"Hope he chooses her she's stunning and they fit so good together ❤️," another said.

"Karli took his breath away," someone else said, with one user adding, "He seemed a bit gobsmacked by her."

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