Leaked snap shows Tom's surprise return to The Block: 'Yay!'

The tradie competed with his wife Sarah-Jane Calleja in 2022.

The Block contestants Tom and Sarah-Jane walked away with a 100K loss after last year’s disappointing auction. In the show’s record-breaking finale, the winners Omar and Oz walked away with $1,586,666.66 and $100,000 in prize money, while Tom and Sarah-Jane were left with $20,000.99 in profit.

In December, the fan favourite couple revealed how much they had to sacrifice to compete on the reality TV show, with expensive childcare, bills and their mortgage quickly eating up their winnings. The couple ended up selling the $80,000 Ford Ranger they won from the show to help cushion the financial blow.

Former contestant Tom was spotted outside this year's The Block houses
Former contestant Tom was spotted outside this year's The Block houses. Photo: Facebook/2023 Charming St 'The Block'

Now, a leaked snap of Tom appearing outside this year’s The Block location in Melbourne’s Hampton East has hinted at his return.

The tradie works as a plumber and is likely looking for more exposure with a second child on the way.

In a set of photos shared on the 2023 Charming St ‘The Block’ Facebook page, a local in the area managed to spot Tom in action. It appears he is doing some publicity for tradie website hipages as well as working with The Block’s photographer.


“Got to see Tom having photos being taken of him outside our place for promos. The lady arrived late and may be the hipages publicist [or] marketing person?” the local wrote in the caption.

“The other tall fellow is the photographer for The Block.”

Tom getting a photo taken outside The Block
The plumber was seen getting his photo taken outside The Block. Photo: Facebook/2023 Charming St 'The Block'


Fans were excited by the news, with some floating theories about what Tom was doing in the neighbourhood.

“He is a tradie so guess he’s working on hipages now,” one person guessed.

“They lost out big time last year, so probably getting on this year to try and make some money. They just assume they would win, and they did win a car, but expected to walk away with a lot more,” another pointed out.

“Yay it’s Tom!!!” a third wrote, while another commented that they ‘liked Tom’.

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