The Block stars reveal $100K bombshell loss: 'In the red'

The stars knew it was a 'huge risk' to take.

The Block fans were devastated when Tom and Sarah-Jane made a measly $20,000 profit at auction this year. The fan-favourite couple were tipped to win and had the advantage of choosing the auction order.

Now, the couple has revealed on Instagram that the $20,000 made at auction didn’t make a dent in what they gave up to be on the show. After paying for childcare, bills and their mortgage, the reality TV stars lost an eye-watering $100,000 all up.

L: Scotty Cam on The Block. R: Sarah-Jane on The Block looking surprised.
The Block stars Tom and Sarah-Jane have revealed the financial impact of being on the show. Photo: Nine

The Melbourne-based couple had to leave their daughter Cleo, 1, in the care of family members for three months while they were away filming. However, their relatives still had full-time jobs, so the pair made the choice to send Cleo to daycare during the week.

The couple's daily $200 stipend from Channel Nine barely covered Cleo’s daycare cost at $120 per day, and the remainder wasn't enough to cover the rest of their bills.


“Essentially you get paid $100 per day [per person],” Sarah-Jane explained to fans. “[After childcare], straight away we were left with $80 combined to cover all of our bills at home — our rates, mortgages, utilities, pay for food for ourselves the whole time, feed and clothe our daughter, just everything.”

The Block stars Tom, Sarah-Jane and their daughter Cleo
Tom and Sarah-Jane had to leave their daughter Cleo for three months during filming. Photo: Instagram/sarahjane91__

The star insists that they have “no regrets” in signing up for the show as the “experience itself was so worth it”, but the pair didn’t think about the money they risked losing.

Sarah-Jane and Tom ended up having to dig into their savings accounts during the show and estimate that they spent $40,000 to make up the difference.

She adds that Tom lost approximately $40,000 by not working for three months, and claims she would have also earned around $20,000 during that time.


“That is how you end up in the red!” she exclaimed. “Financially it was a huge bomb for us. But you take that risk, no money is ever guaranteed, we just didn’t think about the amount you spend while not working.”

There was one lucky win that helped the couple out financially, and that was walking away with the $80,000 Ford Ranger in Landscape week.

L: Sarah-Jane selfie in a car on her Instagram story. R: Tom and Sarah-Jane's Ford Ranger on her Instagram story
The couple had to sell their Ford Ranger to help cushion the financial blow. Photo: Instagram/sarahjane91__

As much as the pair wanted to keep the vehicle, they finally sold it two weeks ago after their ‘crappy auction result’.

“Honestly Ford Australia saved us financially and we are so grateful they gave such a generous prize to the show that we were then able to win!

“Our plan was to always keep it but we needed to reimburse our lost money from going on the show,” she told her followers.

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