The Block stars slam Omar and Oz over their record-breaking win: 'Ripped off'

The duo walked away with a huge sum of money.

The Block fans were shocked last year when contestants Omar and Oz managed to sell their Gisborne property for $5,666,666.66 — a record-breaking $1,686,666.66 over the reserve price. The winners ended up walking away with an additional $100,000 in prize money, but were hit by questions about their relationship with one of the bidders.

The other couples weren’t so lucky, with Tom and Sarah-Jane ending up with a measly $20,000.99 profit, while Rachel and Ryan’s house was passed in, although a post-auction negotiation netted them a cool $169,000.85 profit.

The Block stars Omar and Oz looking concerned
The Block stars Omar and Oz have come under fire for their win. Photo: Nine

Adrian Portelli, who turned up to the auction in a Lamborghini, seemed to be friendly with the Blockheads on arrival. While he didn’t end up purchasing their property, he drove the auction price sky-high while bidding against regular Block bidder Danny Wallis.

However, after Adrian missed out, he didn’t stick around to place a bid on the other four houses, with the Western Sydney duo facing multiple questions about their relationship with the bidder. Some fans wondered if the bidder, known as ‘Mr Lambo’, was only at the auction to drive up the bidding price.


In a twist, Mr Lambo ended up buying Sharon and Ankur’s house in a post-auction deal. The couple walked away with $170,000, which still paled in comparison to Omar and Oz’s winnings.

Now, season seven The Block winners Alisa and Lysandra have spoken out about the disappointing auction on the It’s All Her podcast, saying they wouldn’t be happy if they were in the losing contestants’ shoes.

Twin sisters Alisa and Lysandra on The Block in 2013
Twin sisters Alisa and Lysandra won The Block: Sky High in 2013. Photo: Nine

When the host Jordy Lucas alleged that Omar and Oz knew Adrian prior to auction, Lysandra said it left a “bad taste” in her mouth.

“It’s hard to be kind of happy for the winners, I guess…just the way it came about,” she said. “I guess, if I was a contestant, I would probably feel a bit ripped off.”

“I was watching it and I was thinking like, oh, there’s a bit of a bad taste here.”

The Block 2022 contestants with Scott Cam and Shelley Craft
The auction was a disappointment for the other contestants. Photo: Nine

However, Omar and Oz have shot down any rumours surrounding their relationship with Adrian prior to auction. The pair have maintained that although they had a ‘mutual friend’ with the bidder, they created relationships with a number of interested buyers.

“We only knew [Adrian] from when he first visited our house…they came to the house a few times, we took them to the basketball as well. Everyone who was a potential buyer, we really gave up our time for them,” Omar told 2DayFM’s Hughesy, Ed and Erin last year.


Adrian also addressed the situation shortly after the auction, taking to his Instagram story to clear up any rumours.

“For everyone questioning the legitimacy of the auction, I was a genuine buyer with every intention to purchase that property,” he wrote. “Nobody is to blame for what happened. It’s an auction.”

“Believe it or not but if you’ve got two people that genuinely want the property, a bidding war will commence. I’m happy to show my bank account for anyone that suggests these were dummy bids.”

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