Shoppers reveal the best dupes available at online retailer SHEIN: 'It's amazing!'

Shopping at SHEIN could save you hundreds, but is the quality as good?

Budget online retailer SHEIN is known for being a one-stop shop for affordable fashion, accessories, shoes, jewellery, and anything else you can think of.

And while shoppers usually turn to the online-only store for budget buys, it’s seemingly quickly becoming known as the palace for finding thousands of pretty convincing dupes from a huge range of big brands.

In a recent post on the SHEIN Lovers Australia Facebook page, one person opened up a discussion asking to see people’s lookalike purchases and the results were seriously impressive.

Shein Dupes
The SHEIN silk PJs (right) are almost identical to the Victoria's Secret PJ set (left). Photo: Victoria's Secret/SHEIN

While Kmart is well-known for absolutely smashing out some of the best dupes of popular products, it seems SHEIN is quickly making a name for itself in the same category.


Among the best brand dupes were Lululemon leggings, Skims, Dior makeup, Quay sunglasses and Victoria’s Secret pyjamas.

Designer jewellery, make-up and clothes for a fraction of the price

One of the best finds was a lookalike of a designer necklace worth $4,600.

“This dupe is a Van Cleef and Arpels copy of their vintage Alhambra pendant that retails for $4600AU! The dupe is titanium too, so it won’t rust or tarnish. Not bad for $3.95,” One person shared.

While there are some similarities between the two necklaces the designer one does boast 18K yellow gold and Mother-of-pearl. So it's not exactly a fair comparison. However, the SHEIN version did have a similar chain and the design could very well have people fooled into thinking it was the real deal.

Shein Dupes
While it's not the most convincing of dupes, some shoppers were impressed with how close it got to the expensive real thing. Photo: SHEIN (left) Van Cleef & Arpels (right).

Meanwhile, others shared they had saved hundreds of dollars by using makeup dupes from the online retailer, which left them pretty impressed.

One person spotted a $3.37 version of the $62 Dior Lip Glow Oil while another shared she had found a dupe of the $65 Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist for $15.95.

And although the packaging was far from the same, shoppers said the product itself was spot on.

“I found a dupe of the Dior lip oil and it’s amaaaaazing!” One person shared.

Shein Dupes
SHEIN's version of the Dior Lip Glow is a fraction of the price and according to some impressed shoppers, just as good. Photo: Shein/Sephora

When it comes to clothing, SHEIN offers thousands of styles and plenty of bargain dupes in the clothing department too. One happy customer shared she saved an impressive $84 simply by looking on SHEIN.

“It pays to look on Shein first before paying retail. Slightly different but overall very happy,” she said of the $16 SHEIN white Denim Dress. An almost identical version - the Brit Denim Midi Dress - is sold at Sportsgirl for $100.

Shein Dupes
The Sportsgirl dress (left) looks very similar to the SHEIN version (right). Photo: Sportsgirl/SHEIN

The 'best' workout wear for $22

But it seems the one find that everyone agreed was an amazing replica for both quality and price was the SHEIN fitness brand GLOWMODE. Shoppers said the budget workout wear was excellent quality - especially the $22 leggings.

“Noooo don’t tell everyone, I want them to be in stock forever for me,” one person joked after raving about how good they were.

Shein Dupes
The GLOWMODE brand from SHEIN was by far one of the most popular with a number of products being a best seller. Photo: SHEIN (left) Lululemon (right).

“Glow mode are so good!” Another shopper confirmed saying they were a good dupe of the best-selling $129 pair from Lululemon.


There was also a bargain pyjama dupe with shoppers loving SHEIN’s Striped Button Up Satin PJ Set for $15.95, calling it a perfect dupe of the Victoria’s Secret Satin Long PJ Set which retails for $169.95.

There were even sunglass dupes for just $4.46 instead of $125.

So, for shoppers looking to save some serious cash on their next shopping spree, SHEIN might just be the place to go!

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