Kmart's affordable and stylish suits take social media by storm: 'OMG I'd buy it all'

Kmart is giving corporate chic with this versatile mix-and-match set.

TikTok is blowing up over the latest fashion find from our fave Aussie retail giant, Kmart. It seems like everyone's talking about the affordable vest and pant sets that are taking social media by storm.

From fashion bloggers to everyday shoppers, social media feeds are flooded with posts about stumbling across these chic and "timeless" suit sets at Kmart stores.

Kmart suit sets
The Kmart vest set is priced at $50, while the blazer set comes in at under $65. Photo: Kmart


Among the throngs of enthusiasts, Alex Hourigan and Sally McMillan, known as @twobrokechicks, shared their discovery of the pinstripe suit jacket and matching pants during a shopping trip.

Alex even humorously pointed out the striking resemblance to a similar outfit from DISSH, eliciting laughs from her followers.

Kmart pant suit set
Alex from @twobrokegirls was astonished to find a designer dupe of her outfit at Kmart. Photo: Instagram/@twobrokegirls

In store, filming the item, Alex chuckled, "Do you wanna know how I know this is a DISSH dupe? Because this is DISSH," as the camera panned to her, showing her in a remarkably similar getup.

The response from shoppers has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing their admiration for the stylish yet budget-friendly ensemble.

Style steal

With prices ranging between $50 and $63, depending on the combination of items chosen, fans are singing Kmart's praises.

"Kmart is GIVING!" exclaimed one delighted shopper, while another gushed, "omg, I'd buy it all."

Caption. Photo: TikTok
Fashion blogger Maria called this suit set the 'the must-have addition to your capsule wardobe'. Photo: TikTok/@what_maria_wears

Others shared their own experiences, with one shopper happily declaring, "I have the pants and waistcoat, so cute and so cheap. Kmart for the win!"

Mixed reactions

Of course, not everyone was on board with the trend. A few dissenting voices argued against the resurgence of the '90s vibe.


"I thought we did the 'corporate going out look' in the '90s and 2000s. It shouldn't be back," commented one sceptic.

Despite the mixed opinions, it's clear that Kmart's vest and pant sets have sparked a frenzy on social media, proving once again that affordable fashion never goes out of style.

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