Kmart shoppers go wild for $15 dupe of designer item: 'Love mine'

The savvy mum came across the Kmart product in store.

Summer is in full swing in Australia, and one savvy shopper has spotted a Kmart dupe for the popular Frank Green ceramic insulated water bottles. While the 1L designer water bottles set you back $59.95, Kmart has a similar option that costs just $15.

Sharing some snaps of her 960ml double wall insulated bottle from Kmart, the mum showed off how she put ice inside at 3:30 pm, which was still frozen when she checked it later that evening.

L: Kmart store. R: Kmart double insulated water bottle with ice cubes inside
A Kmart shopper has shared a cheap dupe she came across in store. Photo: Facebook

“Get yourself one of these drink bottles from Kmart - $15. Put ice in at 3:30 pm, and it’s still frozen now. Hasn’t even started to melt, plus the bonus of no condensation on the outside of the bottle,” she wrote on a popular Kmart Facebook group.

“Might be a good way to keep the kids' drinks cold in this hot weather. Have also used for water and have had no leaks!”

In the comments, she added that the ice was still frozen when she checked the bottle the next morning.


The Kmart bottle comes in five different colours and while it’s slightly smaller than Frank Green’s offering, shoppers are obsessed with the cheap but sturdy product. One shopper labelled the dupe as a “poor man’s Frank Green”.

“I’ve been looking for an insulated straw drink bottle for ages that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! It’s so good,” gushed another shopper.

“Lol my daughter calls hers Frank Pink and Frank Blue,” a third quipped, while another added that she 'loves her bottle'.

L: Frank Green pink 1L water bottle on a peach background. R: Kmart pink double insulated walled bottle with Paulette written on the side
A Kmart shopper has shared a cheap version of Frank Green's popular bottle. Photo: Frank Green & Facebook

Others flooded the comment section to share their own experience with the Kmart product.

“We put ice in ours while at Disney World and it lasted nearly three days!” one person claimed.

“All the Kmart insulated products have been amazing. I’ve had the steel bottle version for like two years now, no damage at all,” another commented.


“My kids take theirs to school. I put cold water and some ice cubes in and it’s still icy cold when they get home. Plus bonus this afternoon, we went for a three-hour drive straight from school to Gold Coast and it was still good. And yes, no condensation,” a third remarked.

“I LOVE that you shared this drink bottle - it’s something that is a needed item but I feel most people buy a bottle based on the look - but keeping drinks cold trumps everything for me. Enjoy the bottle - it will last a LONG time,” another added.

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