The Block star wows with $30 Kmart hack: 'Worth it'

Sarah-Jane motivated her fans with her before and after video.

The Block star Sarah-Jane has wowed her followers after sharing her organisational hack using a $30 Kmart purchase.

Sharing her hack on Instagram, the reality star first showed her followers an array of cleaning products thrown under her kitchen sink.

"I had the best time without Tom and Cleo," she said in a video referring to her husband and daughter.

"Last night, the best. I got so lit, I cleaned out everything under my kitchen sink."

She captioned the video saying there was nothing better than organising a drawer, cupboard or shelf.

Cleaning products under The Block star Sarah-Jane's kitchen sink.
The Block's Sarah-Jane shared before and after photos of her kitchen sink. Source: Instagram

"I spent $30 on containers from Kmart and every cent was worth it," she added.

"This area now brings me peace when it used to make me crazy. I needed to share my happiness with everyone."

The video shows Sarah-Jane stacking two large baskets and clear storage boxes from Kmart on her kitchen bench before she organised her cleaning products into the various containers.

She then places them neatly under the sink, with every product now in easy reach to make cleaning less of a chore.


Her fans flocked to the comments to praise the star for her organisational hack.

"That is perfection ... yours looks just like mine in the before, even the same products! I should do this," one commented.

"Love a good clean out and decluttering and reorganise," another wrote.

"Now you're speaking my language. I love organisation!" a third responded to the video.

"I'm an organisation queen. I love this for you," a fan added.

Sarah-Jane often shares cleaning updates on her Instagram account and was praised in December for a relatable parenting moment.

Posting a video of her messy house, toys are seen strewn all over the floor of the lounge room while washing needing to be folded sat on the dining table. Dirty dishes cluttered the kitchen bench while an empty box a package arrived in sat on the kitchen floor.

She then shares a time lapse video of her cleaning up the toys and kitchen, folding the washing and vacuuming the floor, completely transforming her house.


"This is what life with an almost two-year-old looks like," she captioned the post.

"Kudos to all the parents who do this every night and every morning ... I feel your pain. Now to relax and enjoy the silence and tidiness until Cleo…..and Tom get home."

Fans praised the star for sharing the relatable moment, with Block co-star Jenny dubbing her "super woman".

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