Kmart shopper mortified after huge mistake: 'I'm laughing'

The shopper says she was fooled by the item in-store.

A sheepish Kmart shopper has shared her surprise after purchasing what seemed to be a “cute dress” in-store. Sharing on a popular Facebook group for Kmart fans, she showed off the $20 clothing item she scored while walking through the retailer.

The brown and white gingham dress looked great on her, with spaghetti straps tied above her shoulder and a fitted elastic section around the bust. However, when she got back home, she realised it wasn’t a dress after all — it was a maternity top for pregnant women.

L: Woman wearing a maternity Kmart top as a dress. R: Kmart store
A Kmart shopper thought she had scored a 'cute dress' for just $20. Photo: Facebook & Getty

“Found this in a random aisle thinking it was a cute dress, took it home and realised it’s a maternity top. Super comfy and breathable material,” she wrote in her caption.

The shopper revealed that there wasn’t a tag on the top at all, and she only discovered the mistake when her Facebook started showing ads for this particular product.


The maternity sleeveless shirred bodice top retails for $20, and one review calls it "nice and light".

One group member said her mistake could be 'hinting at little footsteps' in the future, comparing it to catching the bride's bouquet at a wedding.

Kmart fans found the story endearing, and some even shared their own mixups.

Two images of a woman modelling a maternity top against a grey background
She was shocked to find out the clothing item was actually a maternity top. Photo: Kmart

“I’m laughing but it looks good on you, definitely doesn’t matter what the label says,” one person wrote.

“I’ve done this previously…just don’t get offended when people ask when you’re due,” another chimed in.

“My sister and I would always accidentally end up in the maternity sections of stores, admiring everything and then realising it was all maternity,” a third added.

“About 20 years ago the same thing happened to me. Fell in love with a gorgeous white linen summer top. Wore it to work and a pregnant collegiate was wearing the same thing and said, ‘must be something in the water there lol’,” another wrote.


Others told the shopper how good she looked in the clothing item.

“Looks cute on you anyway,” a group member wrote.

“You look stunning in it too!” another said.

“It looks great on you and if it’s comfy, bonus,” a third remarked.

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