Aussie influencer's bikini dance with stepdad divides: 'Disturbing'

Some thought it was 'inappropriate' to act this way around family.

Aussie influencer Karina Irby has sparked conversation after sharing a risqué dance on TikTok. The Moana swimwear designer, who recently made headlines for tying the knot in a skimpy bikini, often shares videos and photos modelling her own designs.

In her TikTok, she was seen dancing in the kitchen to Work B**ch by Britney Spears while wearing just a string bikini. She began the dance with a number of pelvic thrusts before adding chest pops and body rolls.

Two photos of Aussie Influencer Karina Irby in a bikini with her stepfather in the background wearing Speedos
Aussie influencer Karina Irby has shocked fans with her latest video. Photo: TikTok/karinairby

Her stepfather, wearing a pair of black Speedos, stood behind her and looked baffled by Karina’s dance. “What the f**k are you doing?’ he told Karina, with one hand on his hip.

“Introducing my stepdad to my TikTok…do you think he approves?” she asked in the caption.


A number of fans thought the video was brilliant, although a little “bizarre”.

“I would die of embarrassment doing this in front of any dad figures in my life. Good for you for not giving a f**k!” one person wrote.

“Hahaha love your videos Karina, also lovely to meet your stepdad! Sorry TikTok is weirdos and think y’all are dating,” another added.

“His reaction…must be used to your shenanigans by now,” a third chimed in.

Two photos of aussie influencer Karina Irby dancing in a kitchen wearing a bikini while her stepfather in speedos watches
The swimwear designer confused her stepdad with her energetic dance moves. Photo: TikTok/karinairby

However, there were some negative comments, with one person telling Karina her dance was ‘inappropriate’.

“I find what you are doing in front of him and the way he looks at you mildly disturbing,” one TikToker said.

“Who would possibly feel comfortable dancing like that in a bikini in front of their stepfather,” another remarked.

“Wait, I’m confused. And maybe a little grossed out,” a third added.

“Not appropriate with a stepdad. He even checks you out for half a second,” another pointed out.


The influencer hit back at her critics on Instagram, saying that she was laughing at the negative comments.

“LOL at the comments on my recent TikTok video. People LOVE to create drama from nothing. I mean…you have to expect that from TikTok comments though,” she said.

“Especially when I’m being crazy in a bikini in front of family.”

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