Kmart shopper divides with $9 freezer hack: 'Not the best idea'

Some people called the idea 'genius'.

A woman has left social media users divided after she shared her unique kitchen hack using a $9 Kmart item in a popular Facebook group.

The shopper posted a photo of her freezer and explained that she had used four stackable drawers from Kmart to utilise the limited space she had available.

Kmart hack using drawers in freezer.
A woman organised her freezer using four stackable shelves from Kmart. Photo: Facebook

“Great way to organise the freezer,” she captioned the snap.

The post quickly racked up over a thousand reactions and hundreds of comments from followers who shared differing opinions.


Some people labelled the idea as “brilliant”, “amazing” and “genius”, with one mum calling it a “game changer”.

“I’m now running to Kmart thank you!” another replied, while a third said, “This is the best”.

“This is awesome,” a different user remarked. “I’d take it one step further and make it meals in there. So you'd just have to take an entire box out to defrost for dinner.”

Kmart's stackable drawers.
The drawers are available for $9 from Kmart. Photos: Kmart

'Don’t do it'

However, there were plenty of users who discouraged others from following her lead.

“Nope, don't do it,” one person wrote. “These aren't designed for freezing and will shatter, you've also greatly reduced air circulation and food won't freeze properly.”

“Maybe not the best idea for a freezer,” another added. “No airflow would get inside the shelves to freeze the items. You will end up with off food.”

“I did the same thing, but several weeks later they were no good anymore. Try and find some freezer-safe stackable draws,” someone else shared, followed by another who said, “I did this but they shattered... temperature too cold for the plastic”.

“My fridge repair guy told me not to use large containers in my fridge or freezer as it restricts airflow resulting in the fridge having to work harder,” one mum replied.


The original poster later took to the comments thanking everyone for their concern and said that she plans on adding holes to the drawers to increase airflow.

According to Kmart’s website, the Anko Stackable Drawers are best suited for neatly storing and organising “toys, magazines and other everyday essentials”. However, shoppers have shared reviews online saying they have used them in their pantry, fridge, laundry, bathroom, car and study with great results.

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