Kmart fans obsessed with $20 dupe of designer tableware

Social media is divided after Kmart released tableware very similar to a small Aussie business' designs.

Kmart has divided fans with the release of a $20 dupe of designer tableware, with some labelling them "cute" and others describing them as "tacky. TikTok user @ddanch took to the app to share Kmart's newest tableware set that looks very similar to In The Roundhouse's famous Italian Words table sets.

Kmart's 5 Pack Mangiare Pasta Serve Set features five bowls with Italian words such as Amore, Grazie, and Buon Appetito. In the Roundhouse has a few different bowl sets, which retail for $80 and include four bowls featuring words such as Mangiamo, Grazie Mille, and Ciao Bella.

Kmart tableware
Kmart has left fans divided after releasing a $20 dupe of designer tableware, with some loving it and some calling it 'tacky'. Photo: Instagram/@LuxeAndLemonade

"When you have literally spent hundreds on buying the @InTheRoundhouse Italian plates for your future home only for #kmartaustralia to release copies," @ddanch wrote alongside a video of the new bowls with sad emojis.

However, many shared their thoughts, saying she should be happy with her purchase, sharing their opinions with one user writing, "I would die for In the Roundhouse! Kmart version is tacky AF."


"In the Roundhouse are def superior - money well spent!" another added.

"Love a Kmart moment but they need to stop ripping off small businesses," a third said.

In the Roundhouse tableware
In the Roundhouse has a few different bowl sets which retail for $80 and include four bowls. Photo: Instagram/In the Roundhouse

Another agreed, writing, "Don’t feel bad for supporting small business over Kmart!"

Others shared that they confused the bowls for dog bowls, with one user writing, "The Kmart ones look like dog bowls," and another adding, "NGL, thought these were dog bowls."


However, when Dani, who goes by @LuxeAndLemonade on Instagram, shared a video of the Kmart set, her followers loved them.

"Love these!" one user wrote, while another added, "Everywhere seems to be out of stock already," with a crying emoji.

Dani responded to her followers, revealing she'd picked up the set in store in the last few days.

"How cute are they!!" someone else wrote, with one user saying, "Adds to cart!"

"Cute but very similar to [In the] Roundhouse ones though," another pointed out, while one agreed, writing, "Kind of reminds me of the [In the] Roundhouse products."

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Kmart and In the Roundhouse for comment.

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