Common $4.50 Kmart item causes painful injury: 'Had to get stitches'

A Kmart mum has issued an urgent warning after a common product found in many households caused a significant injury — and she’s not alone. The shopper shared her story about how the cheap $4.50 Everyday Hiball glasses smashed while she was washing up, resulting in a nasty cut on her hand.

After posting it in a popular Kmart Facebook group, it became apparent that this wasn’t an isolated incident, with many shoppers sharing their own horror stories. One person has even banned glass cups from her house after a particularly bad accident.

The mum was shocked when her Kmart glass
The mum was shocked when her Kmart glass "popped" while she was doing the dishes. Photo: Kmart & Facebook (Kmart & Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor)

“Be careful when buying these. They’re pretty and cheap but while washing them one has popped and cut my hand!” the mum wrote, alongside photos of the broken glass in the sink and her cut.

She added that her ten-year-old child usually does the dishes, and said it “took a while to stop the bleeding”.

“Hate to imagine what would have happened to my 10-year-old though,” she wrote in a comment.


After one group user suggested that Kmart “should recall” the item, the shopper revealed she had already informed Kmart about the issue.

“I called my local Kmart store to advise them of what had happened and they didn’t seem to care too much. Just asked me if I wanted to bring them back in for a refund,” she wrote. “Just because something is $4.50 [shouldn’t] mean it’s okay for them to break the way this one did.”

The mum shared a photo of her broken glass to warn other shoppers. Photo: Facebook
She shared a photo of her broken glass to warn other shoppers. Photo: Facebook (Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor)

One mum said that she had experienced the same issue with the Kmart item, and her young child was harmed in the incident.

“This happened when my four-year-old was drinking from one, I don’t know if maybe he bit it a little bit, but got a mouth of glass…was pretty concerning!” she shared.

Sadly, she wasn’t alone, with two other shoppers saying the glasses had also broken ‘in their mouths’ while drinking from them.

The original post was flooded with comments from shoppers, with multiple people saying they had to rush to the hospital for stitches.

“Same thing happened to me with these glasses. I was washing it up, then next minute it exploded while my hand was in the glass, cutting my fingers and the sides of my hands. My partner took me to the ED as it was bad and I ended up having to get stitches. I never bought glasses from Kmart again!” one person remembered.

“Yep…my mum washed these and ended up in hospital with stitches and now her finger is very sensitive! She reported it to Kmart but they didn’t do anything about it,” an annoyed shopper wrote.

“I had the exact same thing happen with a thin Kmart glass a couple of years ago. Had to get stitches, the flap of skin barely held on. Be careful!” another warned.

Other shoppers shared their own experiences with the cheap product. Photo: Kmart
Other shoppers shared their own experiences with the cheap product. Photo: Kmart (Kmart)


There were a handful of people who hadn’t experienced their Kmart glasses breaking, but the majority agreed that the glasses were extremely delicate to the touch.

“They’re terrible. I’ve literally watched one crack on the draining rack with no one or nothing touching it. I’ve had the others break in the sink,” a group member commented.

“We’re down to two glasses out of our six pack — all the rest have shattered in the dishwasher or while hand washing. Won’t be buying Kmart glasses again!” another added.

“I’ve had quite a few Kmart glass styles do this, so no longer buy them for this reason,” a third chimed in.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Kmart for comment.

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