Kmart shopper's 'awesome' wardrobe hack with $9 item: 'Looks great'

Kmart shoppers often share useful hacks with items they buy from the discount department store and now a woman has been praised for the innovative way she used her $9 purchase.

Posting her creation on Facebook, the woman revealed how she converted a mini serving platter into modern-looking door handles for her white wardrobes.

"The Kmart $9 mini lazy Susan turned out to be the handles I have been dreaming of!" the shopper captioned her post.

Wardrobes show the halved Kmart lazy Susans displayed as door handles.
The woman used the $9 Kmart item to create this funky wardrobe. Source: Facebook

She showed how she cut the round server in half to create semi-circles before attaching one half to each side of the wardrobe door so the two halves joined back up when the doors were closed.

Some questioned how the woman managed to get her fingers under the server to pull the doors open, to which she said the cupboard doors had a groove that allowed her to reach behind the lazy Susan.


Other shoppers praised the woman's genius idea for how to repurpose the item.

"Wow looks awesome," one said.

"No that's a hack and a half," another commented.

"Looks great," a third added.

Candles with a leafy napkin design pressed into them.
Many were wowed by the woman's creation. Source: Facebook

It comes as shoppers have also been sharing hacks for Christmas gifts in the lead-up to the festive season.

One Kmart fan came up with an "awesome" Christmas gift idea by combining Kmart’s set of $13 white pillar candles with a packet of napkins from Woolworths.

The shopper used an iron to ‘stamp’ the napkin's design onto her candles, creating a set of truly unique gifts. The best part about her ‘hack’ is that you can choose any type of napkin or even print out personalised designs and photos.


The shopper blew people away when she shared the finished product on a popular Facebook group.

“Gotta love turning Kmart items into Xmas gifts,” she wrote in the caption, before adding that the process was 'easier' than it looked.

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