'Can't unsee!': Kmart DIY derailed by cheeky hidden detail

We all know a Kmart hack is a sure-fire way to drum up some interest online.

Social media pages dedicated to the art of the hack are followed by thousands, and thousands more impress us every day with their innovative, sustainable and clever ideas to repurpose everyday items.

Kmart mirror $20
A reworking of this $20 Kmart mirror caused a small controversy online. Photo: Kmart

Sometimes, however, a hack goes slightly askew which is what happened to one mum whose artistic reimagining of a broken Kmart mirror was sadly derailed by an unfortunate, but unmissable, hidden detail in the finished product.

The Aussie mum found herself with a potential piece of garbage on her hands when her $20 Kmart mirror broke, but she decided to give it a second life as a safari-inspired art piece.


“Instead of sending my broken Kmart mirror into landfill, I got some craft paint and painted the backboard to resemble animal hide, painted the frame to resemble pine, added a few beads and replaced the strap with rope,” she wrote alongside a snap of the mirror now framing an animal-print artwork in a Facebook Kmart page.

Kmart Africa-themed mirror animal print looks like Zebra bum detail derails DIY
A fresh coat of paint and some choice animal print and the mirror was left looking very... different. Photo: Facebook

“A very inexpensive but necessary hack and I’m pleased to say it’s now back where it belongs,” she concluded.

Rear detail derails ‘stunning’ DIY mirror

The finished product attracted thousands of likes from impressed onlookers, but many couldn’t look past one, unfortunate detail hidden in the DIY.

“Does anyone else see a zebra’s butt?” one person kicked off the controversy.

Image of mirror with Zebra Butt style Kmart Hack DIY
Many couldn't unsee an unfortunate uncanny resemblance between the mirror and a Zebra's rear. Photo: Facebook

The pattern of stripes does unfortunately on closer inspection look uncannily like a zebra’s rear, something dozens began to pick up on.

“I feel like I'm looking at a zebra’s ass cheeks,” one onlooker wrote.

“Is that a zebra’s butt crack?” another asked.

Many argued that butt or no butt, the finished product was still a knockout.

“Looks like a zebra’s ass,” one agreed, adding: “Cute though.”

The Kmart hack is an art form revered online, but that sometimes results in disaster. Photo: Getty Images
The Kmart hack is an art form revered online, but that sometimes results in disaster. Photo: Getty Images

Many argued that the detractors needed to get their minds out of the gutters, choosing to praise the beautiful piece instead.

“This is sooo well done, great paint job,” one lady wrote. “I do not see a zebra’s bum.”

“Wow!” another admired. “I would buy this. I love it!”

As to the artist’s intention, it seems the piece was in fact supposed to depict a birds-eye view of two zebras, rather than the rear of the group’s view of the zebra in front.

“Actually, it’s looking down directly on its back,” she wrote. “But I guess we see what we want to see.”

It’s not the first time a bit of a rude detail caused a stir online.

Last week a woman shopping for Christmas gifts did a major double-take when she spotted a very X-rated detail hiding in a popular Christmas buy at Myer.

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