Kate Ritchie addresses rumours she's returning to Home and Away

"I know that you are set to make a bit of a comeback on Home and Away."

Kate Ritchie and Home and Away star Ray Meagher
Kate Ritchie has addressed rumours on her Nova radio show that she's returning to Home and Away, pictured with former co-star Ray Meagher over the weekend. Photo: kateritchieofficial

Kate Ritchie has addressed rumours on Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa with Kate Ritchie that she is set to return to Home and Away, with Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli attempting to get the answer from her. Wippa began questioning Kate about a potential reunion, telling her, "I've seen your emails," and he knew she was returning to Summer Bay.

While Kate gave little away, Wippa continued pushing her for answers before revealing he had his own plans to stage a reunion between herself and a former Home and Away cast member.


"Can I ask a question?" he questioned his co-host. "I want a yes or no answer from you? Did you last night catch up with the actors and crew from Home and Away?"

Kate told him yes, with Wippa continuing, "I know you're going back to the bay."

He added, "I've seen your emails as I sit next to you in the office."

"No you don't, you have bad eyes," she joked, but Wippa continued his investigation.

Kate on Home and Away. Photo: Seven
Kate on Home and Away. Photo: Seven
Fitzy and Wippa with Kate Ritchie
Wippa (right) tried to get the information out of Kate, but to no avail. Photo: Instagram/kateritchieofficial

"I know that you are set to make a bit of a comeback on Home and Away," he said. "So what I'm thinking of doing is jumping the gun...I'm going to bring you back to the bay! I'd like to get the crowd and the Home and Away fans warmed up, by maybe rolling out a couple of scenes here at Nova!"

He then explained to the confused actress, "You're returning to the bay with a movie-length production...so it'd be played in the cinema. I've spoken to a former Home and Away cast member and I've organised for them to get involved."

"Well what's your silly idea?" she asked.


"It's not silly, it's helping promote the movie!" he told her. "I'll write a scene, and you will act in it. Yeah. I've got the former Home and Away superstar prepared to get involved, they've already ticked it off."

Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald told Kate he had no idea what was happening, asking if Russell Crowe would be filling in as the Home and Away actor (despite the fact Russell starred in Neighbours as a young up-and-coming actor, not Home and Away).

An exasperated Kate asked Wippa, "What is the point of this? Why are you trying to make me look silly, and you're actually trying to blow an exclusive."

"Let's leave it at that," Fitzy said, no doubt leaving Home and Away fans wanting more.

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