Home and Away fans spot exciting detail in cast announcement: 'Heck yes'

A new 'bad boy' is set to arrive in Summer Bay next week.

Home and Away's Joshua Orpin standing behind Kyle Shilling.
Joshua Orpin is joining Home and Away next week as Summer Bay’s new ‘bad boy’. Photo: Channel Seven

Home and Away fans have spotted a surprising detail in a recent cast announcement that hints at the return of a very popular storyline. The long-running soap opera announced in March that Aussie actor Joshua Orpin, best known for playing Connor Kent/Superboy in the US series Titans, had been cast as Summer Bay’s newest “bad boy”.

While there isn’t too much known about Joshua’s character, who is set to make his debut appearance next week, there have been plenty of suggestions online that he has a connection to the show’s notorious gang the River Boys. Popular blog Back to the Bay pointed out on Thursday that Joshua's promo photo looks remarkably similar to that of former cast member Patrick O’Connor, who played the group’s former leader Dean Thomas.

In addition to being photographed in the exact same location, both men are shown wearing a black singlet while crossing their arms, flexing their biceps and looking stern.


Fans have since taken to a popular Facebook group to share their thoughts on the similarities, with many believing that it’s a sign Joshua’s arrival could signal the return of the River Boys.

“I miss the River Boy action! I need my hotties backs,” one person wrote, while another added, “We need more River Boys”.

“As soon as I saw the big scuffle and police at the end tonight, I immediately thought RIVER BOYS,” a third remarked, followed by someone else who simply said, “Heck yes”.

“Maybe another Braxton Brother haha - we shall see - funny though he could have passed for Mali's brother,” a different user commented.

Home and Away's Patrick O'Connor / Joshua Orpin.
Joshua’s promo photo looks very similar to former cast member Patrick O’Connor's. Photos: Channel Seven

Following his cast announcement earlier this year, Joshua told The Daily Telegraph he couldn’t say much about his character.

“I can say he is a bit of a bad boy who comes into the show and stirs up some trouble among the Summer Bay locals,” he detailed. “He is seemingly one thing on the surface but he has a great depth to him that I’ve had a lot of fun exploring.”


Joshua also shared that while he wasn’t sure what to expect when joining the cast of Home and Away, his experience had been “incredibly fun” so far.

“It is just an adjustment for someone who hasn’t worked in this style of TV before because it is just fast and the amount of television that they produce in terms of volume and in the time frame that they do it is remarkable,” he said.

“Being part of that, you have to be fast, efficient and really on top of things. It certainly sharpens you up and improves your skills so I am glad for it.”

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