Jackie O busted with 'mortifying' X-rated item by airport security

"Someone has put something in there. It's not mine!"

Jackie 'O' Henderson was left shocked this week when the Kyle and Jackie O team hid an X-rated item in her carry-on luggage for airport security to find before she flew to Perth recently.

The show's producers hatched a plan to hide a giant sex toy in Jackie's carry-on luggage, taping it to an aerosol can so that it would definitely be picked up by X-ray machines and airport security.

Jackie 'O' Henderson finds sex toy in her luggage
The Kyle and Jackie O team shocked host Jackie 'O' Henderson by hiding an X-rated item in her carry-on luggage. Photo: Instagram/kyleandjackieo

Jackie explained the prank to listeners on-air on Friday, "That penis was in my suitcase, planted by our staff, so that I went through security, it was pulled out. I could have died!"

"They put this dildo in my bag thinking it would be funny," she said. "[Airport security] show me the X-ray and they say, 'What is this?' And I said I didn't know."


Video of the prank was shared to the show's Instagram account, with Jackie seen with airport security as they are going through her bag.

"I'm going red! Stop! Someone has put something in there. It's not mine," she told the unimpressed woman. "I'm mortified. People at work have played a prank. I am sure you have had that before."

Jackie 'O' Henderson mortified
Jackie was fuming at her producer when she realised he was filming. Photo: Instagram/kyleandjackieo

"I felt like such an idiot," the host told her producers.

Jackie was forced to keep the dildo and dispose of it herself, throwing it into a nearby bin.

"Seriously, do you know how mortifying that was? It was a penis, like a realistic penis!" she says in the video when she realises her producer was at the airport filming the prank.

Listeners loved the prank, with one user writing on Instagram, "Currently in hospital this made my day."

"Best prank ever!!! Made my day," another said.

"OMG this is hilarious!" a third added. "Sorry Jackie I know you were mortified but it was funny."


Others weren't so impressed, with one user writing, "This is disgusting!"

"Thank you for wasting security and everyone’s time queuing up to board the flight for some fun..." another wrote.

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