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The steroid-free eczema treatment parents swear by

Customers are raving about the results of these products.

If you're an eczema sufferer, you'll know just how irritating the skin condition can be. While steroid creams can help treat symptoms, they don't prevent the condition occurring in the first place.

Jai Uniyal and Aditi Mamtani's five-year-old daughter used to have such bad flare-ups they once had to ask a restaurant for some olive oil to help relieve her skin. "As a parent, seeing a child suffer is the most painful thing one can experience," Jai said.

Together, the entrepreneur and biochemist decided to develop a solution to help their daughter, and formulated Curezma, a steroid-free solution that focuses on the root causes of eczema, not just the symptoms.

Curezma eczema products
Curezma is a non-steroid skincare treatment for eczema. Photo: Supplied

Delighted parents are over the moon with the results. "I tried every over-the-counter cream on the market along with a collection of prescription creams to get it under control," wrote one mum in an online review. "Within about two weeks of using Curezma, the redness had reduced and her stomach and back started to clear up. By week four her stomach eczema had gone in full."


Another parent agreed: "It has been such a long, sleepless, itchy and hard journey and I am now feeling like we have a steroid-free solution. This is easing so much anxiety on my end, as every time I applied the steroids I would feel sick to my stomach! Plus it was only ever a Band-Aid fix. But this is really helping."

Developed over a three-year period, the Curezma range is over 90% naturally derived. There are four products in the range; a Hydrating Hypoallergenic Cleanser, an Intensive Ointment, a Barrier Repair Serum and an Anti-Flare Oil. All the products are available in both adults and kids ranges.

Before and after photos of child with eczema, and with cleared up skin
Parents are raving about the results after using Curezma for a few weeks. Photo: Supplied

Independent clinical trials confirmed that the Curezma regime can be an alternative to corticosteroids, but without the side-effects of corticosteroids. The Anti-Flare Oil is clinically proven to reduce redness and inflammation instantly. The Barrier Repair Serum helps improve skin barrier repair function as well as activating immunosurveillance pathways. These activate your immune response so your skin can naturally fight off pathogens, providing long term results.

The range has brought relief to thousands of children, and their parents. "I wish I knew about the products sooner to save having a collection of creams that didn't work," said one mum. "It would have have saved me a fortune."

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