Angie Kent on the Bachelor red flags she recognised immediately

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Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle's Bachelor 2021 columnist! Angie won't hold back on her spicy opinions and insider insights into everything and everyone from Jimmy Nicholson's new season.

Angie Kent headshot
Angie Kent is Yahoo Lifestyle Australia's Bachelor 2021 columnist. Photo: Supplied


We’re back again for another week of all things Bachie. I can’t believe we are up to the final single date and hometowns already. It feels like it was a slow burn and then BAM hometown time already. I think those few titanic length episodes have now sped things up. Who would have thought that those episodes would have ended up being a blessing in disguise?

Brooke nabs the last single date

Brooke got the last single date and boy oh boy is she grinning like a Cheshire Cat about it. And of course in true Bachie style we end the last of the single dates before hometowns with a bang - pilates on the sky walk with a complete stranger instructor. How romantical. My fave part had to be the part when Jimmy was pointing out across the lush diamond sparkling harbour to where he lives /grew up. ‘You see that there Brooke, that tiny super rich area, one day, this will be all yours too’.


Brooke and Jimmy on The Bachelor
Brooke got the final date with Jimmy. Photo: Channel 10

Also quick question, can coffee be a part of your personality? Brooke mentioned this a lot on their single date and it kind of threw me. Isn’t it just something you love/consume? If it can be described as part of your personality then I could have 100% described myself as a bottle of Champagne when I was the Bachelorette.

The date is consumed with Brooke making kissing sounds and full eye rolling back whilst pashing. I’m not sure if this is a popular opinion or not, but she cracks me up. She’s a little manic pixie dream girl from a movie and I am here for it. She is so unapologetically herself, Insecurities and all. Is it weird that I may have some kind of crush on her? I can’t work out what it is. But I am going with it.

Group date time

SO glad it’s the last one. Imagine walking out and seeing your symmetrical face blown up. I noticed most of the girls put themselves down. This is so common with women. Is this because we are brought up to not accept a compliment? Or the dangers of evoking jealousy from other women? I notice this often and I would like for us to delve deep and put a stop to this self sabotage pronto chicks.

The face reading expert that accompanied the gals and Jimmy on the final group date said that he had a rebellious hairline. Well, I have a double cowlick lady So go on, what does that say about me? I want to know what Jimmy’s rebellious side is asap. Does he sometimes fly the plane a couple of KM’s over the speed limit? Skip a day of working out? Totally kidding. I love ya Jimmy. I am simply green with envy. What I would give to have chilled abs and limitless cash.

Jimmy Nicholson going for a swim
Jimmy whittled the contestants down to his final four. Photo: Channel 10

The final cocktail party

It is always weird when the cocktail party only has a handful of suitors. Feels like an intimate dinner party where everyone has been forced to feel they are in love with you for the last couple of months and vice versa.

Lily didn’t get a rose to hometowns. What the sh*t. Didn’t see that coming. I did like how honest Brooke was about what she is like in a relationship but I fully thought Jimmy would have seen that and felt it didn’t match with his work life. You can’t expect your partner to change for you. That causes so much resentment. But here we are, final four.

Home towns yessssss!

Such a hectic few days, my God. You do all the families one after the other and this includes travel. So you are on autopilot, which is good if you’re an actual pilot. He might be able to handle it better than most. The reverse in roles when the contenders get to be in charge is always an interesting one. I remember a lot of my fellas struggled with the fact they never had any control. So to watch them plan their dates and introduce you to their life and their families and see them in their comfort zone is a nice little change over.

Carlie’s hometown is first

Beware of the father and or brother etc. etc. There’s always one or two people you have to be wary of for the drama effect. I love how Carlie’s brother is wearing a suit for the occasion. Suited and booted and ready to grill. Him grilling Jimmy about the calm and stable comment. That would be jarring to hear.

Carlie and Jimmy on The Bachelor
Carlie and Jimmy sit at the dinner table at her house. Photo: Channel 10

But remember, Jimmy has so much pressure on him to impress an entire family. Remember when you met your partners or ex partner’s family? Think of that and then times it by one million because there is a camera crew, producers in your ear and the family's ear and you have three other families to meet. Gives me second hand nerves just re-thinking it. Every family you meet and then leave, it makes your decision so much harder.

I think I was pretty drunk after each visit. Jimmy looks sober and calm as all hell. Good on him. The thing is, Jimmy is not wrong. Carlie is calm and stable. There has been zero drama around her, they give her the lovers music but something tells me she isn’t the one. There’s not enough storyline behind it. A life with Carlie looks calm, stable, well-to-do and very predictable. Probably a good pick. But if he’s anything like me, he will love a challenge and a red flag, Just to really live on the edge. I feel ya Jimmy. I feel ya.

Jay's friend drops her in it

It is always hard when friends are there with families, it’s almost double the pressure. Friends know you on a completely different level to what families do.

Ok so just because you have dated someone in the public eye doesn’t mean you want to be famous? Just because you are the Bachelor and or the Bachelorette doesn’t mean you don’t deserve love? You can be successful and or ‘famous’ and still want love. I have never got that weird ass analogy.

HAHA the presenter card. This is the same as Carlin’s storyline. The whole time he said he wanted to be Bachelor 2020 and then at hometown his brother dropped him right in the fire pit and agreed that he was probably originally there for his career. Good times. I was dodging them red flags like it was some kind of cute game of dodgem cars.

Jay on The Bachelor
Jay's friend dropped her in it. Photo: Channel 10
Jimmy Nicholson on The Bachelor
Jimmy didn't ask her any questions about wanting to be a presenter. Photo: Channel 10

Similar to Jay's friend, she dropped her right in it. But again, just because she wants to be a presenter, doesn’t mean she doesn’t like Jimmy. Carlin and I stayed together for almost an entire year outside of the show. He got nothing out of me career wise. We were stuck in a lockdown most of it. He got a few more Instagram followers but surely you wouldn’t stick around for a year just for that.

Why didn’t Jimmy ask her about it? I need to know things. I can’t not ask. Otherwise thoughts create feelings and you can create monster storylines that don’t serve you in your head. ASK THE QUESTIONS!

Holly’s underwhelming hometown visit

Holly, clear winner for me. Body language and vibes seeping through my screen.

Holly’s friend has every right to feel sceptical. I would too but you no joke do form connections with your final four. I was smitten with my top three. I thought I was in love with the three of them for different reasons. You could see that clearly, that was not an act. All you do is talk about feelings, Jimmy is correct in saying this. You live and breathe love for like two-three months every day, for 18 hours a day. Even if it doesn’t last, in that moment and that bit after when you try in the ‘real world’ it feels like love. Who is anyone to say how love should be formed or last?

Jimmy and Holly on The Bachelor
Jimmy and Holly cheers at her hometown visit. Photo: Channel 10

Love shouldn’t be hard, but it is. These days even more so. Then throw yourself on a show. The end of that hometown was very underwhelming for me. I feel they were all really short and sweet and it was like Jimmy was like, yeah nah. Then she sneaks back for a cheeky kiss. We defo missed something there.

Brooke’s fairytale romance

Brookeyyyyy. God love her. Her friend said she lives in fairyland, and that she does. I want to live in fairyland. Keeping in mind, she has just been through a loss. Grief can make you do some crazy things. Brooke’s feelings would be 100% heightened.

One of her family members said that Brooke is used to having someone at her beck and call. That seems more like something Brooke needs to work on. She’s known now for the last three months or so that Jimmy is a pilot. She could have not come back after the funeral if she knew his lifestyle wouldn’t match hers. I am seeing some red flags.

Her brother says it sounds like a sad situation with Jimmy being away a lot for work. I think it sounds like a dream situation. One man's idea of trash is another man's idea of a real treasure of a situation. Absence makes the heart grow fonder so they say. Plus, if you do struggle, you just make it work for the person you want to be with and if not, well, there’s plenty more pilots, I mean fish, in the sea.

Brooke and Jimmy on The Bachelor Australia
Brooke's friend says she lives in fairyland. Photo: Channel 10

I am not sure if Brooke’s vulnerability is pure and inspiring or a little bit scary. I wish I could wear my heart on my sleeve like that, but I’ve got way too much trauma to sort out before I put any hearts on these sleeves. No two people see a situation the same. So let her live in her fairytale. As long as she is happy.

Rose ceremony time

Jimmy is low-key problematic and I love this for us. Makes me feel more normal. He picked the girl that says she’s so dependent on a partner and the other one who may be there for her career and not the nice stable girl.

Boy, feels, feels. He will probably regret that. Take it from me. But it is his love story, so set forth. We live and we learn. Carlie, take your simple beautiful self and go find your prince. You’re worth a man who 100% knows.

Until next week.

Jimmy Nicholson's final three on The Bachelor
Jimmy has whittled the contestants down to his final three. Photo: Channel 10

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