The Masked Singer spoiler alert: Who's really behind the masks

How exciting is The Masked Singer this year? Australia is loving the colourful costumes, the talent of the performers and the star-studded panel wracking their brains trying to guess just who is behind the mask.

But let's face it, while we love Dannii, Jackie O, Dave and Urzila, they're not all that helpful at coming up with correct guesses of who the celebrities are under the costumes.

The Masked Singer Australia contestants Vampire, Kebab, Lightning, Mullet and Atlantis
Can you guess which celebs are behind the costumes on The Masked Singer? Photo: Network 10

So instead, we went through the clues and trawled viewer comments on social media to see if we could work it out ourselves.

SPOILER ALERT — Do not read any further if you don't want to know who is behind the mask. Of course, we could be wrong... only time will tell.


The Dolly


  • Hello, I’m Dolly, and I’m quite the young lady. But underneath is a different story.

  • I don’t mind a bit of back and forth. In fact, I’m rather famous for it. Everyone expects Dolly to be a good girl. Well…I’m the type of dolly I want to be.

  • My dreams aren’t what they used to be. I’ve been through a change and I am definitely off the leash!

  • People think dollies should be seen and not heard. Well, not THIS Dolly.

  • When the panel asked if they work in Australia, Dolly responded: "My earliest childhood dreams were to take on the entire world and beat them."

  • I’m a dolly, not a dolly bird. After missing my dream in Sydney, 2004 was when I made my mark.

  • Am I the queen? Yes, but also the joker. Was it my dream to be a dolly? No, it wasn’t. But I’ve made a career of being in the right place at the right time.

  • The heart is unpredictable. It has its needs, but remember, tomorrow is a brand-new day.

The Masked Singer Australia 2021 contestant Dolly and Em Rusciano
Could Dolly be Em Rusciano? Photo: Instagram/@emrusciano

Em Rusciano first rose to fame on season two of Australian Idol before being eliminated on September 27, 2004. Do we need to say any more? Re-read this clue: "After missing my dream in Sydney, 2004 was when I made my mark"

But there is more... "Am I the queen? Yes, but also the joker" — radio host Em is now known as a queen of the airwaves and is also a successful comedian.

We're not the only ones who are convinced. "Em Rusciano without a doubt," willzyj94 says on Instagram. "Absolutely, 100% it’s @emrusciano I’d bet my house on it," lauzybombauzy concurred.



  • I’ve spent years by the water. And I had my fair share of battles. Those night vision goggles belong to the army!

  • I like the spotlight. But I’ve had more than a few sleepless nights. My answer is to take the show on the road.

  • I’m not really into strict routine. I prefer to improvise. I know it’s not the way to make a big hit. But beggars can’t be choosers.

  • I’ve never really been the boss. But I have been known to take your breath away. That’s official.

  • When asked by the judges if he was a swimmer, mullet’s response was: “I don’t need to get my hair wet anymore.”

  • I’m just your average Mullet. But I’m OK if you’re OK.

  • Someone once told me if you like it you better put a ring on it.

  • Sometimes you have your eye on something shiny.

  • But it’s not as good as you hope. No matter how far you travel, you can’t leave the real you behind.

  • I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I’ve even taken on the Chinese.

  • Not as a comedian, but you could call me something close.

  • I might be a Mullet, but don’t understand me. My intelligence isn’t artificial and way better than 20.

  • I’m the Mullet and I’m beside meself with excitement!

  • When put in the ‘mind reader’, Mullet was thinking of a shield and said: "I think a lot about where I come from."

The Masked Singer Australia 2021 contestant Mullet and Craig McLachlan
Craig McLachlan seems the obvious choice for the Mullet. Photo: Instagram/@craigmclachlan_

Well, we'll be darned if the Mullet isn't wearing the McLachlan tartan. Maybe that's what the shield was about too?

Craig also enjoys taking part in touring musical theatre shows including The Rocky Horror Show, Grease, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Chicago.

And perhaps the reference to night vision goggles and the army relates to his role as Hayden in Rescue: Special Ops.

Many on social media agree. "I'm hoping it's Craig Mclachlan," un_vieux_chien says on Instagram. "Brings comedy to his roles on stage and tv. An international actor and star. A lot of water references and he grew up next to the ocean. Loves surfing. The earlier Navy Cher references - he was a Navy commander on stage in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. He is close to family. And he's so incredible as a singer he could change it to sound different. Craig Mclachlan for Mullet"

And did Craig himself confirm it on Instagram back in August?

Did Craig out himself as the Mullet in this throwback photo posted in August? Photo: Instagram/@craigmclachlan_
Did Craig out himself as the Mullet in this throwback photo posted in August? Photo: Instagram/@craigmclachlan_

"Mullets... you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. I had lots of you notice my hair in the photo from the Aria Award," Craig said on his post of him sporting a Mullet back in the 80s. "Who thinks this hairstyle should have been left in the 80s? Like our Olympic champion @rohanbrowning said.. “You only regret the mullets you never grew”. He’s QUICKLY bringing it back #ThrowbackThursday #Olympics"

Check 1-2, is that you Craig?



  • If I could make baking a competitive sport…..I would. Mon dieu!

  • My dream came to me when I was young. I had a real talent. And I haven’t stopped since.

  • How do I keep my gorgeous pavlova figure? Don’t ask. What I will say is that when push comes to shove, I manage.

  • I spent a lot of my childhood down south in the hills.

  • Hi, everyone. I’m Pavlova. And isn’t this fun? I don’t believe in discrimination.

  • Every sweet matters.

  • Yummy! Have I been on Broadway? Almost, but not quite.

  • But I’ve had my ups and downs. Who cares? I’m happy with who and where I am.

  • When asked if she was born in WA by the panel, Pavlova responded: "All of Australia is my playground, but I have special feelings for WA’s birdlife."

The guesses for Pavlova are tied between Rebel Wilson and Anna Gare. Photo: Instagram/@rebelwilson & Instagram/@annagare
The guesses for Pavlova are tied between Rebel Wilson and Anna Gare. Photo: Instagram/@rebelwilson & Instagram/@annagare

Many think Pavlova is TV chef Anna Gare, who hails from Western Australia. And it's easy to see why; she shares her first name with Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova who inspired the dessert and she was also a member of girl band The Jam Tarts in the 80s and 90s.

However, there is a stronger case for it being Aussie megastar Rebel Wilson.

"Rebel Wilson? She was in Pitch Perfect, which had three parts. And also tried to be on broadway!!" lokischaos pointed out on Insta.

The actress, who has recently been posting pictures of herself in Paris on her socials, grew up in Castle Hill, has had her ups and downs in weight (but says she's happy at any size), studied law and had a malaria-induced dream that she would one day win an Oscars which encouraged her to pursue acting. Case closed!



  • I am Vampire. And I am eternal. I do not fear the daylight. I embrace it and it embraced me.

  • It fed me when I was needing it. I am the child of vampires. Who I am runs through my blood. But vampires age slowly.

  • As a vampire, I have unexpected power. I don’t wish to be unkind, but do not underestimate me. Werewolves fear gold. Vampires do not. We revel in it. The heavier the better.

  • I am a modern vampire. The old church holds no fear for me. But that does not make me a hero.

  • Unlike most vampires, I glimpse my future in the daylight. I knew there would be difficulties, but I should fear nothing.

  • Vampires do not concern ourselves with the stupid things.

  • The nations of the earth have cheered me on. Tears have flowed too.

  • I have not slept since my teenage years.

  • My life is like a waking dream.

  • I am Vampire, and no masked singer can stand against me.

  • When put in the ‘mind reader’, Vampire was shown to be thinking of Freddie Mercury and said: "In music, Freddie was the King. But who is the Queen?"

Singer Anastacia and The Masked Singer Australia contestant Vampire
Fans are convinced that the Vampire is Anastacia. Photo: Instagram/@anastaciamusic

"I'm Outta Love" singer Anastacia seems to be a sure bet for Vampire. She has a tattoo on her neck that says 'forever' — and who lives forever? Vampires.

Her father was a club singer and her mother a Broadway actress which meant both worked at night ("I am the child of vampires") and she also played the Killer Queen in the Queen musical We Will Rock You.

"1000% Anastacia!," willzyj94 says on The Masked Singer Instagram page. "She's performed with both Queen and Elton John."

Finally, in her clues video, she was spotted with salt and pepper grinders and guess who appeared in pop group Salt-N-Pepa videos Everybody Get Up and Twist and Shout? Yep, our Vampire Anastacia.



  • I am Lightning. And you never know where I’ll strike next.

  • Lightning affects the airwaves, and my interference got noticed young.

  • I know how to make you notice me.

  • I made other waves when I was young too. Solid state, absolutely. But I left the goals behind.

  • Am I driven? More…self-directed.

  • Following the path of least resistance. Going with the flow.

  • Not too many wrong turns. Although one crash did hurt.

  • I’ve been richer. And I’ve been poor. Nine months a year without a home.

  • Don’t overestimate a good education.

  • When the panel asked whether they travelled a lot, Lightning said: "Travel hasn’t always been my choice. But it led to my fame."

The Masked Singer Australia contestant Lightning and Ellyse Perry
Sports star and role model Ellyse Perry is tipped to be Lightning. Photo: Instagram/@ellyseperry.

While many viewers are hoping that Lightning is Home & Away actress Tammin Sursok, the clues seem to lead more to a sporting personality.

And who better than a lightning-fast cricket all-rounder who once played for the Loughborough Lightning in the Women's Cricket Super League in England, Ellyse Perry?

"It’s Ellyse Perry. Started out in soccer, she’s a strike bowler, did a weetbix ad, doesn’t have a home 9 months of the year because she’s touring, did economics at uni and the crash might refer to the time she tore her hamstring off the bone playing NZ," juliehicks10 said on Instagram. "Pretty obvious clues if you know your women’s cricket!"

We think Julie's hit this one for six!



  • Yeah, no, I’m the Kebab. And I reckon I got the lot. I never stop.

  • I’m at it all day, every day. There’s nothing else I ever wanted to be.

  • I like the inner city. Quiet at times. But a bit of hot sauce…I go off. A real wild one.

  • Psst. I’ll let you in on a little secret. I get kissed by strangers.

  • It’s great being the Kebab and working for yourself. If you’re not the type who needs other people.

  • When one of the judges asked if Kebab is a man or a woman, they said: "Here’s what I can say about that. Mostly I’m one. But I have been known to be the other."

The Masked Singer Australia contestant Kebab and Jack Vidgen
Is that you behind the Kebab, Jack Vidgen? Photo: Instagram/@jack.vidgen.

We loved him when he won Australia's Got Talent as a fresh-faced teen in 2011 and while a lot has changed about Jack Vidgen as he's grown and matured, his voice is still pretty recognisable to his fans.

"The kebab is Jack Vidgen," amali_s158 stated on socials. "I hope he wins. Best voice so far."

Jack has also shared images of himself dressed as a woman on his Instagram experimenting with his look, which fits with the Kebab's answer to the panel.

"It’s Jack Vidgen that range is unmistakable." dj_mason1000 said. This time we agree.



  • I’m Baby and I don’t ever want to grow up.

  • I love flowers. I’ve been around them all my life.

  • I’m a baby so I’m short, but not short for anything in particular.

  • Aren’t these animals perfect? Well, I don’t like perfection. It makes me go wahh, wahh!

  • Am I the type to spit the dummy? I am not. That’s a nasty web you weave when you do that. And watch out for the spider bites.

  • I’ve been front and centre. And I’ve been on the wings. Front and centre is better.

  • When asked if they are a comedian, Baby said: "I stand up for what I believe in. And I am known for having a good laugh."

Composite image of the baby on The Masked Singer Australia and yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins, Baby Spice Emma Bunton, Hi-5 singer Charli Robinson and Nat Bassingthwaighte
Which baby is Baby on The Masked Singer? Photo: Channel 10, Instagram/@emmawatkinsofficial; Instagram/@emmaleebunton; Instagram/@natbassingthwaighte; Instagram/@charli_robinson

Baby has so far been the hardest for any of the fans or panel to agree on. People have been guessing everyone from Baby Spice Emma Bunton, Kylie Minogue and former Hi-5 singer Charli Robinson to Celeste Barber, Nat Bassingthwaighte and yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins.

Based on these clues our bet is on Emma Watkins. Her Instagram is filled with flowers including her love of wearing florals prints and flowers in her hair.

In Wheels On The Bus the Wiggles sing: 'Babies on the bus go "wah, wah, wah",' and she started as a dancer and playing characters with the Wiggles before becoming one of them!



  • I am the great Atlantis, and I am the queen of all I see.

  • I am a goddess of water. I am fluid, taking many shapes and forms. But I have been punished just for being who I am. And I have been rewarded for the same reason.

  • I am a creature of the sea. The ocean was my original home.

  • The land holds mystery and disappointment for me.

  • My world is colourful, but you wouldn’t know it. It’s not just black and white.

  • Fashions come and go, but words can last forever. Life is like that.

  • I heard the siren of Hollywood many times.

  • But Washington only once. It was one of life’s happy accidents.

  • I am Atlantis and I shall be your queen.

  • When the panel asked if they are an actor, Atlantis said: "As Queen, I am whatever I choose to be. And I am familiar with being someone else."

Side-by-side images of Tziporah Malkah aka Kate Fischer and The Masked Singer Australia contestant Atlantis
Tziporah Malkah aka Kate Fischer is thought to be Atlantis. Photo: Instagram/@tziporahmalkahofficial, Channel 10.

The clues all seem to point to former fashion model Kate Fischer, who chose to change her name to Tziporah Malkah after converting to Judaism.

As a model, Tziporah was featured on the cover of Black + White magazine, and she was also the face of AMP Capital shopping centres in 2005.

"Tziporah was in Sirens, there were 3 sirens/girls in the water," alohahola23 points out on The Masked Singer post.

There is also a British TV correspondent based in Washington called Kate Fisher, but we can confirm she is an entirely different person!

The Masked Singer Australia airs 7.30 Sunday to Tuesday on Channel 10 and 10 Play On Demand.

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