I'm A Celebrity's Julia Morris apologises to Robert Irwin for X-rated joke

The comedian told a story that left Robert speechless.

One week into this year’s season of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! and it’s clear that newly paired hosts Julia Morris and Robert Irwin are a match made in heaven.

The chemistry between the unlikely duo was also extremely evident when they tested how well they know each other during an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle earlier this month before they flew to South Africa.

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! hosts Robert Irwin and Julia Morris.
I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! hosts Robert Irwin and Julia Morris have been a massive hit with viewers. Photo: Channel 10

During the game, the pair hilariously quizzed one another on their pet peeves and guilty pleasures - but there was one moment that left everyone in the room completely speechless.

When Julia asked Robert to name the one item she always travels with, Robert immediately said her crossbody phone case and described it as “the coolest thing ever”.

“It’s this little phone leash, so you can put your phone and sling it over your shoulder and carry it and you travel with that everywhere and I love it,” he shared.


Julia said Robert was correct with his answer and revealed that she recently got herself “into real big trouble” because of the phone case strap.

“So I’m with someone grown up the other day, grown up like properly grown up, and I said, ‘Just a second, I’ve got to get my strap on’,” she recalled.

Robert then burst into laughter over the X-rated joke and covered his face as Julia quickly apologised for telling him.

“Sorry Robert,” she said, before letting the uncomfortable silence continue. “I can see HR at three o’clock?”

Watch the hilarious moment unfold here:

Robert shares why he feels 'so lucky' to work alongside Julia Morris

Elsewhere in the interview, Robert said it’s “an absolute dream come true” getting to work alongside Julia Morris, who has hosted the show since it first launched in Australia in 2015.

“To step into this new world with someone who's just there to guide you through the process, and to just learn so much, it’s awesome,” he shared, adding that he feels “so lucky to learn from the absolute master”.

“And then at the same time, this is what I've been doing all my life - jumping out of choppers, catching snakes, that’s just Tuesday. So it feels like it's the perfect synergy and it just could not get more perfect.”


Meanwhile, Julia said she’s thrilled to have Robert join this year’s season to bring a fresh perspective to the series.

“It’s very, very rare in this industry that you get a chance to work on a show and then to reinvent it 10 years in, and not only reinvent it but reinvent it with someone who is already spectacularly adored in their own right,” she remarked.

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs 7:30pm Sunday to Thursday on 10

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