'She was robbed': I'm A Celeb fans left fuming over finale

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Abbie Chatfield may have taken out the winning spot on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! For 2021, but some fans online believe another contestant was ‘robbed’ of the title.

Celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge took out fifth place followed by TV personality Toni Pearen in fourth. Jess Eva was announced as second-runner up leaving just two celebs in the mix for the jungle crown: Abbie Chatfield, of The Bachelor fame, and Family Feud host Grant Denyer.

Abbie Chatfield wins I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2021
Abbie Chatfield was named the winner of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! 2021. Photo: Channel 10

However, while most people were delighted for former Bachelor star Abbie, others were devastated that Toni Pearen missed out on the top spot.

“Toni was the best celebrity in the Jungle she was robbed of the title,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Nah I’m not having this. Queen Toni was robbed,” another said, with a commenter agreeing, saying: “TONI WAS ROBBED! ROBBED I TELL YOU!


Toni Pearen on I'm A Celebrity 2021
Many fans believe Toni Pearen should have taken out the top spot. Photo: Channel 10

Another person wrote: “Neither Toni Pearen or Jess Eva won. still trying to process.”

Toni had her ups and downs on the show, with the former Funniest Home Videos host forced to stick her head into a box filled with non-venomous snakes in a gruelling challenge.

During the challenge, a visibly distressed Toni was struck five times by a snake, left bleeding from her face and fighting back sobs as she struggled to finish the challenge.

Toni also faced backlash from the public after her bizarre outburst when Gogglebox’s Adam and Symon entered the camp.

Abbie Chatfield being crowned winner of I'm A Celebrity
Other fans were thrilled for former Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield. Photo: Channel 10

The men were given the ultimate cold shoulder, with Toni bursting into tears as they set up their things.

“Colin… I can’t do it anymore,” Toni cried to chef Colin Fassnidge as she crawled into her bunk.

Colin immediately jumped up to comfort the actress, after he himself said ‘not these two idiots’ when Adam and Symon made their entrance.

Trying to explain her reaction to the camera later, Toni said: “We’re all exhausted, we’re depleted, we haven’t been eating properly. We are empty. The only thing that is filling us is each other.”

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