I'm A Celeb's Toni Pearen slammed for 'rude' outburst: 'Gross'

Fans have turned on show favourite Toni Pearen, after her bizarre outburst on last night’s I’m a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!.

Toni and some of her campmates were left sulking last night when Gogglebox’s Adam and Symon entered the camp.

Toni Pearen on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here
Toni Pearen was less than happy when two new campmates entered the jungle last night. Photo: Channel 10

The men were given the ultimate cold shoulder, with Toni bursting into tears as they set up their things.

“Colin… I can’t do it anymore,” Toni cried to chef Colin Fassnidge as she crawled into her bunk.

Colin immediately jumped up to comfort the actress, after he himself said ‘not these two idiots’ when Adam and Symon made their entrance.

Trying to explain her reaction to the camera later, Toni said: “We’re all exhausted, we’re depleted, we haven’t been eating properly. We are empty. The only thing that is filling us is each other.”


Gogglebox stars Adam and Symon
Gogglebox stars Adam and Symon entered the jungle last night. Photo: Channel 10

“I think it all just got a bit too much, seeing two new faces with red shirts on… what’s going on! This is my worst nightmare.”

Fans of the show online were left less than impressed with Toni and her fellow campmates for the ice cold reception they gave Adam and Symon.

“Imagine being upset at another contestant because the producers made them enter later than when you did.,” one person said.

“Toni and Colin being so unnecessarily rude is so cringe. grown adults speaking down to other adults is just gross,” another person wrote.

Colin Fassnidge and Toni Pearen
Colin and Toni weren't happy with the new recruits. Photo: Channel 10

“Well now I hope Symon or Adam win the whole thing just to piss the rest off,” a person on Twitter said.

Others agreed, with one person saying: “Mean behaviour Toni and Colin. And you were my favourites.”

“They are all being so rude and mean to the new boys. Like you’ve been there 2 weeks not years. Imagine how unwelcome they feel,” another said.

Toni and Colin weren’t the only ones who were less than thrilled with Adam and Symon’s entrance.

After receiving an invite for an exclusive chat on Dipper’s D&Ms, he shared that he thought the boys are up to no good.

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