'Disgusting': Toni Pearen attacked by snakes on I'm a Celeb

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is known for putting famous faces in challenging scenarios, but it seems the show may have gone too far after actress Toni Pearen was attacked by snakes in a gruelling challenge.

The confronting moment was aired last night on the series’ third episode and saw former Funniest Home Videos host Toni along with radio personality Ash Williams forced to stick their heads in a box filled with non-venomous snakes while they turned a wheel to escape.

Toni Pearen snake attack I'm a celeb
Toni was struck in the face five times by the snakes. Photo: Ten

During the challenge, a visibly distressed Toni was struck five times by a snake, left bleeding from her face and fighting back hysterical sobs as she struggled to finish the challenge.

Eventually, she got it done, and emerged shaking and sobbing while hosts Julia Morris and Chris Brown called for medics.

Twitter users outraged over ‘despicable’ challenge

Fans were left outraged at the very graphic scene, with many arguing it was a ‘despicable’ challenge and that Toni should have been removed as soon as the snake started biting.

During the ordeal, host Julia reminded Toni she could exit the challenge, but that would mean returning to camp without any stars.

Toni Pearen Funniest Home Videos
Toni is best known as the former host of Funniest Home Videos. Photo: Nine

“How the show did not remove her IMMEDIATELY after the first strike is beyond me,” one viewer wrote. “Sitting back and doing nothing while she gets bitten FIVE times on the face is plainly negligent and absolutely disgraceful!”

Photo: Twitter Ten
Photo: Twitter Ten

“Should not have allowed that to continue,” another agreed.

Photo: Twitter Ten
Photo: Twitter Ten

“I am a long term fan, but that is not right to have allowed that to happen,” one lover of the show admitted.

Photo: Twitter Ten
Photo: Twitter Ten

Others were similarly outraged.

“This is absolutely disgusting,” one fan wrote.


“She’s epic but the lack of concern shown by the show’s team is not ok,” another agreed.

Another called the segment ‘too extreme’.

Photo: Twitter Ten
Photo: Twitter Ten

“Seriously upsetting seeing the snakes attack Toni Peron,” another fan wrote. “What a tough chick.”

Another argued the challenge was designed to provoke an attack like this, pointing out the wheels the contestants were turning weren’t even attached to any pulley system.

Photo: Twitter Ten
Photo: Twitter Ten

“Those knobs weren't even doing anything and weren't connected to a pressure valve,” the fans wrote. “Looks like the head movements were designed to irritate the snakes.”

Toni herself responded to concerned fans in a tweet thanking them for their support.

Photo: Twitter Ten
Photo: Twitter Ten

“To every single one of you who wrote messages of support last night... I thank each and every one of you,” she wrote.

Toni Pearen I'm a Celebrity snake bites
Toni had to have medics called as soon as she emerged. Photo: Twitter Ten

Channel 10 has been contacted for comment.

It comes as the show got off to a very dramatic start, with eyebrow-raising moments galore in the very first week.

On Tuesday evening, Grant Denyer left fans gobsmacked when he revealed his struggles with alcohol, even sharing he had appeared drunk while on-air on Sunrise in the past.

Radio personality Ash Williams also turned heads when he revealed a side hustle selling pictures of his feet.

Just three days into the jungle and it looks like the wildest parts of the shows are coming from the contestants themselves.

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! continues Tuesday at 7.30pm on Channel 10

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