I'm A Celeb's Jess Eva rushed to hospital in 'insufferable' pain

Radio host Jess Eva was rushed to hospital after her time in the jungle for I’m a Celebrity saw her return with bugs in her ears.

The Triple M presenter had visited the doctor twice in the last two weeks to have remnants of the creepy crawlies removed from her ears, but ended up being admitted to the Royal North Shore hospital on Tuesday night.

Jess Eva
Jess Eva told fans she had returned from the jungle with bugs in her ears. Photo: Instagram/Jess Eva

Her radio co-host, Lawrence Mooney, updated listeners on Wednesday morning, saying the situation had become much worse.

“That situation has become critical and she is now … on morphine because the pain has become insufferable overnight,” he said.

“It’s serious when Jess takes a day off. Jess, you can’t hear us but our thoughts are with you.”

Thankfully, by Wednesday afternoon Jess was able to share her own update with her followers, revealing specialists had discovered fungus growing inside her ear.

Jess Eva hospital ear fungus
Jess ended up in hospital overnight. Photo: Instagram/Jess Eva

“The pain increased significantly Tuesday and I was admitted to treat the pain,” she captioned the hospital snaps.

“Today I saw the ENT specialists and we discovered fungus, hairy, black gross fungus growing everywhere inside the ear.

“In what would be a pimple poppers delight, she vacuumed it out.

“They have a treatment plan, I’m already feeling a million times better.”

She went on to thank the hospital, as well as her friends and fans for their supportive messages.

im a celebrity Jess Eva
Jess has become a fan favourite on I'm a Celebrity. Photo: Instagram/Jess Eva

Two weeks ago, Jess first shared with her followers on Instagram that she had the bugs in her ears after her time in the jungle.

“Getting jungle bugs out of your ears be like,” she said, sharing a photo of a syringe being used on her ear.


Then a week later she provided another “gross ear update”.

“They only sucked out the jungle bug WINGS from my ears! After increased ear pain over the last week, I went back to the dr today,” she said.

Jess Eva ear bugs
A week later Jess shared another 'gross ear update'. Photo: Instagram/Jess Eva

Apparently the doctor’s reaction was “oh my god” before explaining “the antibiotic drops I was using must have freed the little buggers up!”

“Anyway, as much as I love having a piece of the jungle inside me, glad to have them out. Thanks for making my listening holes your home, weird slug things”

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