'F**** traumatic': I'm a Celeb's Abbie distraught after snake attack

Abbie Chatfield was left distraught on last night’s episode of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, after she was attacked by a snake and had to have a medic called to remove it.

The former Bachelor contestant turned social media star was forced to place her hands inside a box full of non-venomous snakes in an attempt to count them on Thursday evening’s episode of the show, but struggled to overcome her phobia of the slithering creatures.

Abbie Chatfield upset ima. celeb snake attack
Abbie Chatfield was left screaming and in tears on I'm a Celeb after being attacked by a snake. Photo: Ten

“I’m sorry,” she said as she tried to get her hands in. “I’m so scared.”

Moments later she was left screaming as one snake latched on to her hand.

“It’s biting me, it’s biting me still,” she screamed, dropping to the floor as a handler and Dr Chris Brown came over the detach the snake and calm her down.

Abbie Chatfield snake bite distraught im a celeb
Abbie was distraught as the handler attempted to remove the snake. Photo: Ten

In the end, the brave contestant returned to the box and locked in a guess, before being selected to go through to this Sunday’s Grand Final.

“The bite was worth it,” she laughed.


It seems not everyone agrees, however, with fans taking to social media to express their horror at the moment.

Abbie Chatfield bitten by snake Im a Celeb
Some viewers argued the scene was too 'traumatic'. Photo: Ten

“F**k that was scary,” one viewer reflected.

“Geez that was horrible to watch!” another agreed.

“That snake biting Abbie was f**king TRAUMATIC,” another agreed.

“My heart is breaking for Abbie right now,” another wrote.

“That's bullsh*t, what am awful thing to do to people,” another person wrote. “Abbie should tell them to fuck off.”

Abbie Chatfield upset snake bit Im a celeb
Abbie wasn't the only celebrity contestant viewers argued was put through too much. Photo: Ten

It comes after the show has been criticised several times for challenges that seem to cross the line for fans watching at home.

Lots of fans claimed the show had gone too far after actress Toni Pearen was attacked by snakes in a gruelling challenge early on in the season.

During the challenge, a visibly distressed Toni was struck five times by a snake, left bleeding from her face and fighting back hysterical sobs as she struggled to finish the challenge.

Toni Pearen's snake challenge
Toni Pearen's snake challenge drew similar criticism from horrified viewers. Photo: Twitter Ten

Eventually, she got it done, and emerged shaking and sobbing while hosts Julia Morris and Chris Brown called for medics.

Similarly, later in the season fans were left gobsmacked after four of their favourite celebs underwent a challenge so gruelling, each needed to seek medical attention after.

Grant Denyer, Jack Vidgen, Pettifleur Berenger and Travis Varcoe were tasked with submerging themselves in ice water in order to pump water using a lever located at the bottom of the tank.

As the challenge progressed, each contestant struggled with the sub-zero temperatures, gradually becoming red and barely able to speak, though all four stayed in the tanks until the bitter, and freezing, end.

Of the gruelling and often confronting challenge, Channel 10 told Yahoo Lifestyle medics are always on-site during and after the trial.

“Network 10 and ITV Studios take the health and wellbeing of its cast very seriously,” a spokesperson said. “During the trial ‘Ice Ice Baby’, Pettifleur, Travis, Grant and Jack were exposed to extremely cold water. Medics were on site for the entire trial and post-trial, each celebrity was seen to and administered heat-inducing therapies to get their temperatures back up.”

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