'So unhygienic': Viewers slam 'gross' act on I'm a Celeb

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here has served up plenty of controversial moments, from challenges that seem too dangerous to deeply personal admissions from the likes of Grant Denyer, but a jaw-dropping act on last night’s episode may just take the cake for the most unexpected, and confronting moment so far.

At the conclusion of Tuesday night’s episode, celebrity chef Colin Fassnidge, 45, complained of what he called a ‘boil’ that had developed on his bottom from sitting on the uncomfortable wooden logs.

Colin Fassnidge Im a Celeb
Forget snakes and spiders, it was a bottom boil that proved the biggest challenge for Colin Fassnidge. Photo: Ten

While the chef squirmed on the logs, unable to get comfortable, Jess Eva, 36, insisted on giving him a hand with the problem – quite literally.

“Honestly, you'll make an old woman very happy,” the former The Block contestant joked.


What ensued was a deep excavation that no one was expecting, as Grant and Abbie Chatfield came over to help her locate the offending spot by the lamplight.

“Oh, it's a beauty,” Jess explained once she located the pimple. “Hang on, nearly finished... 'Cause it's so close into your crack.”

Im a Celeb Colin bottom exposed
Jess, Abbie and Grant got up close and personal with Colin to eliminate the boil. Photo: Ten

The jaw-dropping footage shows the chef’s bottom exposed entirely while Jess grappled around to locate and extinguish the pimple.

“There are people in here that have seen more than my actual family,” a very appreciative Colin told the cameras after the deed was done. “Nothing in here is sacred. But look at this - I can sit down now. Problem solved.”

Needless to say, fans were left aghast at the explicit scene, taking to Twitter to express their shock and bemusement.

“You know you are great mates and developed a bond when you can squeeze a boil in someone’s arse crack,” one Twitter user joked.

“I go to get a drink and ice cream and come back to see Colin's butt and Jess doing I don't know what,” a shocked viewer wrote. “What am I watching?!”

Jess I'm a celebrity get Me Out of Here
Many praised Jess as the show's MVP. Photo: Ten

“Jess should get twelve stars for popping Colin’s boil,” another pointed out.

“Seeing Colin's ass has made my night,” another admitted.

“Never did I think I'd see Colin Fassnidge's ass on national TV,” someone else reflected.

It comes after the hugely popular series sparked conversation among viewers with a number of dicey moments.

Some viewers were convinced the show had gone too far a few weeks ago when contestants were almost put into hypothermia by a challenge involving ice water tanks and similarly, Toni Pearen’s experience with vicious snakes prompted backlash from furious fans.

Channel 10 told Yahoo Lifestyle medics are always on-site during and after trials.

“Network 10 and ITV Studios take the health and wellbeing of its cast very seriously,” a spokesperson said. “During the trial ‘Ice Ice Baby’, Pettifleur, Travis, Grant and Jack were exposed to extremely cold water. Medics were on site for the entire trial and post-trial, each celebrity was seen to and administered heat-inducing therapies to get their temperatures back up.”

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