I'm A Celebrity fan favourite leaves the jungle before finale: 'Should've won'

Fans were gobsmacked when one of this year's most popular contestants was voted out.

He was a clear frontrunner to win this year’s season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, but viewers were left shocked on Wednesday night when beloved radio host Woody Whitelaw was eliminated.

The KIIS presenter, who many people believed would easily make it to the finale, landed in the bottom alongside netball legend Liz Ellis and Below Deck’s Aesha Scott and became the ninth contestant to exit the jungle.

I’m A Celebrity’s Liz Ellis, Woody Whitelaw and Aesha Scott looking shocked
I’m A Celebrity’s Woody Whitelaw was sent home during Wednesday night’s episode. Photo: Channel 10

Following his elimination, a number of viewers took to social media to express their surprise and outrage.

“Woody is out now?!? COME ON! Why are all my favs going!” one person tweeted, followed by another who added, “Woody is a really good guy. I feel very sad to see him go”.

“Woody should’ve won!” a third said, with another fan writing, “Australia is honestly so silly!”.

“Woody, you gorgeous man!!!! Thought a top 3 finish for sure,” a different user replied, while someone else agreed, “I thought Woody would be top 3. This is annoying.”.


Others also shared their appreciation for Woody, with one fan suggesting he hosts the show next year after Chris Brown leaves Channel 10.

“Major man crush on Woody! Seems like such a great human. Great heart. Need more men in the world like him,” another wrote.

“The best part of reality TV shows is getting to know these people more and more. I love Woody so much,” a different user remarked.

I’m A Celebrity's Woody Whitelaw.
Woody described his I’m A Celebrity experience as ‘life-changing’. Photo: Channel 10

'The worst day in camp'

Speaking with hosts Chris Brown and Julia Morris after leaving the camp, Woody shared that he found his I’m A Celebrity experience to be “life-changing”.

“I had big imposter syndrome when I came into this show,” he revealed.

“I don’t view myself as a celebrity, I’ve got quite low self-worth. So to be part of a camp with people who I didn’t see myself on a level playing field with say that I’m a good person and that I do bring interesting things to conversations has been pretty special to me.”


The former Celebrity Apprentice contestant also spoke about how hard it has felt being away from his daughter Remi while filming in South Africa and missing her six-month birthday.

“That was probably the worst day in camp,” he remarked. “I reckon that was day five and luckily Liz Ellis was there to be a shoulder to cry on there because I really was missing my daughter and missing [my fiancée] Mim. And not being able to be there for that landmark was really really tricky.”

There are only two episodes left in this year’s season of I’m A Celebrity, with Liz Ellis, Aesha Scott, boxer Harry Garside, AFL star Adam Cooney and Geordie Shore’s Nathan Henry left to battle it out for the crown.

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