I'm A Celebrity's Peter Helliar takes dig at Chris Brown's move to Seven

The comedian poked fun at Chris Brown's upcoming career change.

Former Project presenter Peter Helliar took a subtle swipe at Chris Brown and his upcoming move to Channel Seven on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

It was announced in February that Chris, who joined Channel 10 in 2008 and has hosted I’m A Celebrity since its first season, had signed a deal with Seven and will join the network in July.

I’m A Celebrity’s Chris Brown dressed as a pirate / Peter Helliar.
I’m A Celebrity’s Peter Helliar took a swipe at Chris Brown’s move to Channel Seven. Photos: Channel 10

While not much is known about the projects Chris will be working on at the rival station, comedian Peter made a joke about his exit during Tuesday night’s episode of the reality show.

Peter and his fellow campmate Geordie Shore’s Nathan Henry arrived at the pirate-themed challenge to see Chris and his co-host Julia Morris dressed in matching costumes.


The Bondi Vet star wore a maroon bandana, a gold earring and an oversized black coat emblazoned with a large skull, and spoke with a thick pirate accent.

“Welcome me hearties to the remnants of an old pirate trading post,” he exclaimed. “A refuge for rapscallions of the high seas who would come here with some bootleg rum, kick back after a long day of looting and pillaging.”

Peter was quick to share his thoughts on Chris’ cringe-worthy impression, remarking: “Well, you’re certainly not going to Channel Seven to act.”

The hosts burst into laughter over the comment, with Julia adding, “There’s a pirate in Home and Away!”.

I’m A Celebrity’s Peter Helliar and Nathan Henry
Peter and Nathan Henry were shocked by Chris’ pirate impression. Photo: Channel 10

Peter jokes about Waleed Aly

During the challenge, which saw the campmates being given electric shocks to score stars, Peter and Nathan both had to wear pirate costumes themselves.

They each wore a black pirate hat and had a colourful parrot on their shoulder, which Peter named after one of his former Project co-hosts.


“I’ll consult my parrot, his name’s Waleed,” Peter joked when he had to make a decision.

“What’s he say?” Julia asked, to which Peter replied, “He wants to talk about complicated issues. I haven’t got time for that Waleed.”

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