Home and Away star 'unrecognisable' with new look: 'That's not him'

Home and Away star Rob Kipa-Williams (Ari Parata) has shocked fans with his new look, with many saying he looks ‘unrecognisable’.

The Kiwi actor has debuted his bushy beard and long hair, a far cry from his clean-shaven look on the soap.

Rob Kipa-Williams as his character Ari on Home and Away
Home and Away star Rob Kipa-Williams doesn't look like this anymore. Photo: Seven

Taking to Instagram, the star shared a photo of himself in a brown jacket, with the caption making fun of his hairstyle.

“I haven’t posted in ages so here’s a picture of the mop on my head,” he joked.


Rob’s character Ari was killed off in March this year, after receiving a tragic cancer diagnosis, shattering his onscreen family.

Now, fans are saying the star looks so different, he could come back to Summer Bay as a new character!

L: Selfie of Rob Kipa-Williams with trees behind him, caption reads 'Nature ft. Mop'. R: Rob Kipa-Williams takes a photo of himself in the mirror, caption reads 'I haven't posted in ages so here's a picture of the mop on my head. PS it's cold'
Rob has completely changed his appearance with his bushy beard and hairstyle. Photo: Instagram/robkipawilliams

“One of my favourites, he could come back like that because he looks so different,” one wrote excitedly.

“Didn’t recognise him! Looks so different with the longer hair and beard,” another added.

“Omg, how different does he look,” a third chimed in, with someone else saying, “Sorry but that’s not him.”

Not everybody was loving Rob’s new look, with one saying he ‘looks terrible’.

“You were great on Home and Away Ari and we do miss you, but sorry do not like the hair and beard,” added a second.

“Not liking the new look, makes you look much older,” another wrote.

The star previously applauded Home and Away for bringing Māori culture to Summer Bay, and shone a light on co-star’s Ethan Browne’s (Tane Parata) touching taiaha performance.

L: Ethan Browne and Kawakawa Fox-Reo pose with taiaha on the set of Home and Away. R: Ethan Browne performs taiaha as his character Tane Parata
The star was floored by Ethan Browne's taiaha performance. Photo: Seven

“Māori movement is different to any other culture and is truly beautiful to watch. Taiaha was not a hugely common thing back [when I was young], but it is a part of our culture that is seeing a resurgence in recent years,” Rob wrote.

“I am humbled by the writing team that chose to write a part of my past and most importantly include the Māori culture in a very Australian television show.”

“This so far is the scene I am most proud of on this show. Well done Home and Away,” he finished.

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