Chris Hemsworth drops massive Thor bombshell: 'Sucked'

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth shot to fame after nabbing the role of Thor in the Marvel films, but he has admitted that he almost lost the role to his younger brother, Liam.

While the former Home and Away star was cast as Thor in 2011, Liam came close to securing the role first.

Chris Hemsworth at the Thor premiere in Sydney.
Chris Hemsworth has admitted he almost lost the role of Thor to his younger brother. Photo: Getty

“My little brother almost got cast as Thor. [Liam] was one of the first people who got right down to the wire on getting the part,” the Hollywood actor told MensXP.

The star said it could be interesting for his character to cross paths with another variant of Thor, played by Liam.


Chris revealed to Wired recently that he completely “sucked” in his first audition for Thor, and admitted he didn’t even get a callback.

“My younger brother [Liam] auditioned and he got very close. He got down to the last five people, and then didn’t get it.

“They were like look, he’s great but he’s a bit young. My manager then said, well he does have an older brother,” he recalled.

The star said he may have had a ‘different attitude’ that helped him land the role on his second chance, adding that he had more ‘experience and confidence’ going into the audition.

Liam in a black suit jacket and tie, Chris in a grey suit jacket and blue shirt and tie
Liam and Chris Hemsworth are big names in Hollywood. Photo: Getty

It wasn’t all bad news for Liam, as he went on to secure a lead role in one of the biggest young adult franchises, The Hunger Games.

Playing the role of Gale Hawthorne, he starred opposite Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence as her childhood love interest.

'Worked my butt off'

This comes after Chris told Yahoo Lifestyle how he prepared for his nude scene in Thor: Love and Thunder.

Chris told us: "Yeah, you know, I worked my butt off, literally, for this film, as I do all the Thor films. I've got to eat a ridiculous amount of protein and work out a lot and a lot and a lot and you put in the hard work and hopefully get the result!"

Director Taika Waititi couldn't resist poking fun at the actor, joking that everyone from the production and accounting office turned up on set the day Chris lost his clothes.

"I mean, personally, he's worked so hard on all of this [his body], it would be weird not to show it, don't you think?" Taika said.

He added his real reasoning for including the scene and said: "It's also, quietly, in a business sense, I think we might sell a few more tickets!"

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