Home and Away welcomes four new faces: 'Exciting'

Home and Away are welcoming four new faces to Summer Bay.

The new characters will be introduced as part of the fictional band called Lyrik, with actor Rob Mallet playing the lead singer, Bob.

Home and Away's new characters, band Lyrik, pose for a photo
Home and Away are welcoming the band 'Lyrik' to Summer Bay. Photo: Seven

The other fresh faces include Angelina Thomson as Kirby, Adam Rowland as Remi and Stephanie Panozzo as Eden.

Tasmanian-born star Rob is no stranger to performing, with an extensive musical theatre background and a number of television roles under his belt.


Rob told The Daily Telegraph that nabbing the role on the ‘bucket list show’ has been an ‘absolute ball’.

“The whole team there are a pleasure to work with and experts at what they do. It’s no wonder the show still has as much support as it does,” he said.

Lyrik will be introduced on Monday, July 4, after a string of departures including Sam Frost, Harley Bonner, Lukas Radovich and Courtney Miller.

Sleuthing fans have deduced that Kirby may eventually become Theo’s new love interest, after scenes of the two getting cosy were posted on social media in April.

Left: Adam Rowland as Remi. Right: Angelina Thomson as Kirby.
The new characters are bringing music to the popular TV soap. Photo: Seven

Adam described the whirlwind that occurred when he booked the role, saying he was working in a pub when he found out.

“I was pouring pints when my phone rang with the news. Needless to say I needed a pint or two myself after that phone call. I was excited and slightly daunted by the fact that my life was about to change,” he told the publication.

The star found himself in Sydney just three days later, ready to start work on the soap.

Stephanie added that she was ‘devastated’ after getting Covid, meaning she couldn’t travel to the audition. Luckily, producers arranged for her to audition over Zoom and she was ‘beyond excited’ when she snagged the part.

“My agents FaceTimed me, which they never do, and they said I booked the role. I was absolutely blown away and beyond excited. It was a very surreal and incredible feeling.”

'Exciting storylines'

This comes after Home and Away’s head make-up artist Laura Vazquez teased “new faces and exciting storylines” ahead for the show.

Laura also played teenager Sarah Thompson on the show when she was just 17, before she became a make-up artist.

Left: Laura Vazquez as Sarah Thompson on Home and Away. Right: Sarah Thompson and Isla Fisher hugging
Laura Vazquez played Sarah Thompson on the show when she was a teenager. Photo: Seven & Instagram/lauravazquezbeauty

“I was on the show for three years because, my whole life as a teenager, I was an actress,” she explained.

“When I was an actress, I would sit in the makeup chair and just watch what the make-up artist would do and ask 100 million questions. So it’s been full circle for me because my career started at Home and Away,” Laura added.

The cast has affectionately dubbed Laura as ‘Mama Bear’, and she says they often come to her for advice or a chat since she’s been in their shoes.

“It’s really nice to be able to be there not only as their head of department, but just to be there as a friend and a constant where they can come to me and ask me questions,” she revealed.

While her character exited the show after three years, the former actress made special appearances for Shane and Angel’s wedding as well as Alf Stewart’s 60th birthday.

When asked if she’ll be making another return to the show, she admits there’s always a possibility.

“Never say never, because I always think you know, maybe the day that Alf leaves the bay — which I hope never happens — maybe I’ll come back and be a part of that, because my character did live with Alf, and he’s quite a special, important person to me,” she told us.

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