Samara Weaving reveals Home and Away secrets

Samara Weaving shot to fame on Home and Away in 2009, but the actress has revealed that actors on the show are expected to adapt quickly, otherwise they will “just get rid of you”.

The star spoke to The Courier Mail on Tuesday, reflecting on how her time spent on the Australian soap prepared her for Hollywood. Samara played fan favourite Indi Walker from 2009 to 2013, and she describes working on the soap as extremely fast-paced.

Samara Weaving as Indi Walker on Home and Away.
Samara Weaving played Indi Walker on Home and Away. Photo: Seven

Home and Away is such a machine and you’re just pumping out so many scenes. We would do up to 10 scenes a day if we were in the studio,” she explains.

Samara went on to describe the pressure of adapting quickly, saying: “And, technically, you have to learn fast, otherwise they will just get rid of you.

“You need to learn your lines and know what your mark is, and where the cameras are, and need to find your light – you need to learn that so quickly, otherwise they will just replace you.”

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Samara Weaving has found success in Hollywood. Photo: Instagram/samweaving
Samara Weaving has found success in Hollywood. Photo: Instagram/samweaving

The former Home and Away actress went on to say that she was surprised how much slower the pace was on her first American job.

“Working on my first American job, and doing four scenes a day, was wild. I was like ‘oh, we can take our time I guess’ – it was a lovely surprise.”

Since leaving Home and Away, the star has found success in Hollywood, with roles in The Babysitter, television drama Nine Perfect Strangers and GI Joe spin-off, Snake Eyes.

However, the Adelaide-born actor previously admitted to Digital Spy that she struggled after leaving Summer Bay and was told to see an acting coach.

“I started working when I was 14. I did another show called Out of the Blue and then I went straight to Home and Away. I think I had a very naive perception of how the industry works. I thought, ‘Oh, I got the two jobs I auditioned for. This is easy,” she told the publication.

Samara went on to say that she didn’t work for nearly two years until her role on The Babysitter opened the door in America for her.

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