Home and Away fans horrified by 'gross' detail in episode: 'Can't stand that'

Marilyn's act was considered unhygienic by a number of viewers.

A small detail in a recent Home and Away episode has baffled fans, after Emily Symons’ character Marilyn Chambers served a customer in a very peculiar way. Marilyn is currently attempting to make some extra cash to help fund her son Jett Palmer’s (Will McDonald) wedding, and has offered to cover multiple shifts waiting tables at the Pier Diner.

During Monday night’s episode, Irene Roberts (Lynne McGranger) sent Marilyn over to deliver Alf Stewart's (Ray Meagher) hot drink. Instead of holding the mug by the handle, she carried it with her fingers touching the rim.

L: Emily Symons as Marilyn on Home and Away. R: Marilyn serves Alf a cup of coffee on Home and Away.
Home and Away fans were quick to point out an 'error' on the show. Photo: Seven

Known for her quirky personality and over-the-top fashion style, the character had her dark manicure and chunky black ring on display as she carried the cup. In true Marilyn style, her hair was pulled back in her trademark voluminous ponytail and she wore a pair of pale-pink heart earrings.

After one eagle-eyed fan spotted the peculiar way Marilyn served the drink, they took to the popular Facebook group Home and Away Spoilers & Info to share their shock.


“Oh dear. Love you Maz, but pretty sure when you’re serving food and drinks you DON’T put your fingers around the part of the vessel the customer is putting his mouth on,” the fan wrote.

The post was quickly flooded with comments from other fans, with many saying they were horrified by the scene.

Marilyn holds a cup of coffee on Home and Away
Marilyn was seen carrying a hot drink with her fingers around the rim of the vessel. Photo: Seven

“Omg — I said exactly the same thing, I can’t stand that. Germ spreading trait,” one viewer wrote.

“I was like, ‘Yuck, get your fingers off it’,” another added.

“I noticed that too!! They’ve really laxed on real-life scenarios, nothing [is] believable anymore,” a third chimed in.

“Maz doesn’t realise the mug has [a] handle to pick it up and carry it,” another quipped.

“If that was a real cup of coffee, it would be way too hot to carry it like that,” pointed out a fan.


However, a slew of fans defended the show, saying that it was ‘petty’ to call out errors.

“I see nothing wrong here! In Home and Away land it’s ok,” one person commented.

“I wouldn’t have even noticed that to be honest. Too busy watching the show rather than looking for petty things to point out what their mistakes are,” another fired out.

“You do know it’s a TV programme?!” a third asked.

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