Sunrise host Sam Mac's gift sparks debate: 'None of your business'

Sunrise star Sam Mac has presented his girlfriend Rebecca James with a hilarious gift not long after she gave birth.

Sharing a snap of Rebecca and their newborn daughter Margot on Instagram, the stylist holds an oversized glass of wine while smiling.

Sunrise star Sam Mac with his girlfriend Rebecca James and baby Margot in hospital
Sunrise's Sam Mac has divided fans with his latest post. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta (Instagram/sammacinsta)

“My darling Rebecca has been looking forward to a glass of wine for 9 months. You’re welcs boo,” the weatherman wrote in the caption.

The glass filled with rosé wine appears bigger than Rebecca’s face and their newborn baby.


Sam's followers were delighted by the lighthearted post, with many relating to Rebecca.

“I know the feeling!” wrote former Neighbours star Bonnie Anderson.

Rebecca James holds a large glass of wine and her newborn baby Margot
Sunrise's Sam Mac gifted his girlfriend Rebecca with a giant glass of wine. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta (Instagram/sammacinsta)

“Enjoy new mama and papa. You will need many more in the years to come!” a fan advised.

“Bec so deserves it. Enjoy, Margot is just perfect. Enjoy all she brings,” added a third.

“She has the post partum glow. Or is her face lit up from the giant glass of wine? I think both,” another fan quipped.

However, there were some fans critical of Rebecca’s choice to drink wine after giving birth.

“Should you be drinking while breastfeeding? Or are [you] bottle feeding?” one asked.

“Umm…not supposed to drink if breastfeeding,” another pointed out.

“Not breastfeeding? But if you are, remember what you have baby has also,” a third added.

Fans quickly jumped to defend the new mum, saying that whether Rebecca is breastfeeding or not isn’t anyone’s ‘damned business’.

"None of yours or our business! They are a well-educated couple who don't need strangers' advice or questioning," a fan fired back.

Rebecca James cuddling her newborn daughter Margot in hospital just after giving birth
Sam expressed his gratitude for Rebecca in a sweet Instagram post. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta (Instagram/sammacinsta)

Sam reveals 'brutal' birth

This comes after the weatherman revealed that Rebecca had a tough time during the birth.

Sam shared a photo of Rebecca holding Margot just seven minutes after she was welcomed into the world and shared details about the “brutal” birth story.

“I watched Bec put her body on the line for 2 whole days,” he said. “She was poked, grabbed, injected, stretched & essentially thrown around until we got our baby out. It was brutal (the epidural didn’t work) but she gritted her teeth & found something I didn’t even know existed. She was always going to win.

“Just when it seemed like she couldn’t possibly give another push, she found another 50. Honestly remarkable.”

He also wrote about how “confronting” it was to see someone he loves enduring so much pain, but remarked that he would never forget Rebecca’s “calm determination and focus on what needed to be done for our little family”.

“Clearly it’s been a long day (I’m delirious) but I wanted to pay tribute to the Mums out there,” he added. “We can never truly understand or thank you enough. Warriors.

“I fell in love with Bec another hundred times tonight. She gave us the greatest gift on earth, our little Margot.”

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