Sunrise's Sam Mac shocks with X-rated photo: 'It's a lot'

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Sunrise star Sam Mac has shared a confronting X-rated photo on Instagram after doing a segment for the Queensland Ballet.

Posing in a ballet costume with extremely tight leggings, the star had his ‘bulge’ on display and warned fans not to look down below.

Sam Mac smiles at the camera while standing in a park
There's an X-rated detail in Sam Mac's latest photo. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

Having recently surprised his girlfriend Rebecca James with the ‘world’s largest cheesymite scroll’, it wasn’t long before people started referring to ‘his scrolls’.

“Put your scrolls away darling,” his girlfriend wrote, with another asking if he keeps his "spare scrolls" in his leggings.


“Best present I got for my 60th. That photo zoomed in,” a fan added cheekily.

“Coupla spare scrolls. Everyone’s zoomed in…let’s be honest!” another joked.

The teasing didn’t stop there, with people sledging the weatherman’s outfit.

Sunrise star Sam Mac has a ballet costume on finished with a hat
Sunrise star Sam Mac warned followers not to look down. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

“I didn’t know it was possible to be offended in so many unique and powerful ways,” Sunrise’s Matt Doran commented.

“This is how you should dress for every show,” added a second.

“Have you been stung by a swarm of bees?” another joked, while a fourth added: “Your eyes are bulging.”

"Just sayin’… it’s a lot," another commented.

Sam's 'brilliant' gift

This comes after the star shared a speech from Rebecca’s baby shower, starting with some hilarious swipes at his partner.

“I don’t want to criticise, but if there’s one thing, she’s been very lazy. Not been able to lift anything heavy,” he quipped, before adding that she hasn’t even cleared their gutters.

In a sweet move, the weatherman then revealed he’d been scheming with Baker’s Delight to make Rebecca her dream present — a giant cheesymite scroll.

The gigantic cheesymite scroll was a hit with Rebecca. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta
The gigantic cheesymite scroll was a hit with Rebecca. Photo: Instagram/sammacinsta

Baker’s Delight confirmed that the scroll is approximately 38cm wide by 25cm high, and fans went wild over the gift.

“I hope baby’s first birthday is a cheesymite scroll and this becomes a tradition. P.S…please propose with a cheesymite scroll if and when you ever propose,” wrote a fan.

“Omg! So good!! You two are the best couple!!” added another.

“GOLD!!! Best surprise ever!! What a super dad you are going to be,” a third chimed in.

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