Farmer Wants A Wife star hits out at 'disappointing and disgraceful' editing

Daisy has spoken out about her time on Farmer Wants A Wife.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Daisy Lamb has hit out the 'disappointing and disgraceful' editing amid rumours she wins Farmer Todd's heart. Photo: Seven
Farmer Wants A Wife's Daisy Lamb has hit out the 'disappointing and disgraceful' editing amid rumours she wins Farmer Todd's heart. Photo: Seven

Farmer Wants A Wife's Daisy Lamb has hit out at the "disappointing and disgraceful" editing on the show, with many fans slamming the way she is being portrayed. The gym manager is believed to have won Farmer Todd Melbourne's heart, with one post in particular on her Instagram account appearing to point to this conclusion.

Daisy has been slammed online by viewers, with some feeling like she's coming on too strong with Todd. She surprised his mother this week when she told her she might already be "in love" with the farmer despite it being very early days in their relationship (and the fact he has several other girls on the farm at the same time).

The reality star shared her thoughts on her portrayal on Facebook, writing, "Unfortunately, the editing in this series is disappointing and disgraceful (to say the least) and has given viewers the wrong idea of what happened, who I am and how the whole experience with Todd played out.

Daisy Lamb on Farmer Wants A Wife
Daisy and Todd already have a strong connection on the show, but his friends and family aren't so sure it's a great idea. Photo: Seven

"The other girls had plenty of time, we all had opportunity to speak with him and spend time alone with him and it’s sad that, what could have been an amazing story, has been turned into something so foul."

Daisy finished by saying, "Keep shining your light guys ❤️."

Fans responded to Daisy's message with positivity, with one viewer writing, "Nothing wrong with a strong woman."


"I think Daisy is a gorgeous and respectful person. Don’t change you are lovely just the way to are," another said.

"Hold your head high Daisy. Best of luck for your future whichever way it goes," a third wrote.

Ellen Dunger, who was sent home this week by Farmer Todd also shared her thoughts, writing, "Let's be clear, Daisy was the ONLY girl from the farm who consistently checked in on me when she knew I was struggling. She was the ONLY girl from the farm who reached out after I left to see how I was."

Instagram post hints that Daisy wins Farmer Todd's heart

Fans have noticed that one of Daisy's Instagram posts from January might hint that she is the woman Farmer Todd chooses at the end of the show.

"Life Lately," she captioned a series of photos that included several beautiful landscapes that appear to have been taken on a farm and a video of her with an Akubra hat on, smiling contently.


Daisy is from Townsville, and one user who is also from the city commented on the post, "Miss your face," which would make sense if she was actually in Baan Baa, near Narrabri, where Todd's farm is.

"Looks amazing and you look so happy," another said.

"Where you at now cowgirl?" a third asked – Farmer Todd is known as the cowboy of the group, so this comment was also particularly interesting.

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