Farmer Wants A Wife: Samantha Armytage's 'massive' contract deal

A source has said the 2025 season is already set to be "more dramatic".

Natalie Gruzlewski and Sam Armytage
Farmer Wants A Wife hosts Natalie Gruzlewski and Sam Armytage. Photo: Seven

Farmer Wants A Wife host Samantha Armytage has reportedly signed a massive two-year deal with Channel Seven, after another massive season of the hit reality series.

Sam joined the show as a 'special guest' in 2022 and then hosted the 2023 season, replacing Natalie Gruzlewski who continued on the show in a more "scaled-back" role over the last two seasons. Natalie has been a fan favourite amongst FWAW viewers after hosting the first eight seasons of the show from 2007-2012, and returning again in 2020.

A source has now told Daily Mail Australia that Sam has signed a new contract for another two years of helping farmers find love. "This new contract with Channel Seven marks a new era for her with the network," the source said.

They also divulged the Farmer hosting role was allegedly a way to "burn her old Sunrise contract".

"They had been using her on Farmer to burn her old Sunrise contract but with Sam and the network being happy with the role in Farmer Wants a Wife this is a renegotiation some said would never come," they continued. "With the show flying high it was a great time to renegotiate and Samantha is looking forward to getting back out into regional Australia and making new love stories."

the 2024 farmers on Farmer Wants A Wife
Farmer Wants A Wife 2024 cast. Photo: Seven


Earlier this year, some disgruntled fans called for Natalie's return to the main hosting gig after she appeared towards the tail end of an episode to introduce Farmer Todd.

"So happy to see Nat and how beautifully dressed, bring her back she shows genuine feelings on the show, big difference," one fan said. "I love seeing Nat she’s fabulous!! Nat is by far the best host of this show," another said.

According to the insider, there won't be any further hosting changes to FWAW in 2025, with the source saying the show will remain the same even after fans complained it was becoming more like MAFS with more drama and less love.


"There is no way the network will make any changes to the format next year. The numbers are up and if anything audiences can expect next year to be even more dramatic," the source said. "It is clear that wider audiences love the drama and the network will always chase the ratings."

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