Farmer Wants A Wife fans spot wild detail in final episode: 'Good point'

Viewers have pointed out a strange similarity between the women who were chosen.

Eagle-eyed Farmer Wants A Wife viewers have noticed a bizarre detail in the final two episodes of the Channel Seven reality show.

Taking to a popular Facebook group on Sunday night, one fan pointed out that all of the women chosen by the Farmers were wearing solid colour dresses while the runner-ups were wearing patterned gowns.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Brad and Clare / Morgan wearing a floral dress.
Farmer Wants A Wife fans noticed that the Farmers all chose women wearing solid colour dresses. Photos: Channel Seven

The final episode saw Farmer Brad choose to pursue a relationship with Clare, who wore an emerald dress, while Farmer Brenton declared his feelings for Sophie, who wore a light pink frock.

Last week’s episode also saw Farmer David’s pick Emily wearing a blue gown and Farmer Matt’s chosen lady Olivia rocking a silver dress.

Meanwhile, their respective runner-ups Morgan, Rachel, Lorelei and Annabelle all wore brightly coloured floral dresses.


“Just wondering, am I the only one who has noticed all the girls in the plain dresses are the ones that get picked and all of the girls in floral dresses don’t?” one fan wrote in the Facebook group.

“Yep noticed that too,” another replied, while a third said, “Good point!”.

“Good observation,” someone else commented, followed by a different user who said, “I picked that with the first couple announced”.

While some people said it was likely just a “coincidence”, others predicted there was a hidden meaning behind the dress choices.

“Maybe for the producers to know who they were to pick,” one fan theorised.

Farmer Wants A Wife's David and Emily / Lorelei wearing a floral dress.
Some viewers questioned whether there was a hidden meaning behind the dress choices. Photos: Channel Seven

Star collapses after being rejected

Viewers were left shocked during part one of the finale when Lorelei collapsed after Farmer David broke the news to her that he had chosen someone else.

Lorelei was told during the episode that although she was “incredible”, he had “fallen heavily for someone else”.


The 26-year-old was clearly unwell after hearing the news, leaning into David and whispering, “Ah, sorry. I really don't feel well”.

She soon collapsed as David tried to hold her up, instructing a producer to bring him a nearby wooden box for her to sit on. He held Lorelei and comforted her, telling her to breathe as she sipped water, and he apologised profusely for letting her down.

“You're here to find love and that's all I wanted for you,” she told him.

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