Farmer Wants A Wife star's 'mind blowing' move shocks

"I didn't expect any of this to happen."

Farmer Wants A Wife star Andrew surprised fans on Sunday night when he sent home all but one of the women hoping to find love with him on the show, as he knew which woman he wanted to be with.

Andrew confessed to Claire that he is falling in love with her, leaving her shocked, but "very happy" that they'd found each other.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Andrew
Farmer Wants A Wife's Andrew made a 'mind blowing' confession, quitting the show on Sunday night after confessing he is falling for Claire. Photo: Seven

"I'm definitely falling in love with you too, I didn't expect any of this to happen. I'm pretty chuffed," she told him.

Earlier in the episode, Andrew took Claire, who he'd previously chosen for the first 24-hour date, to a waterfall, with the farmer admitting, "I feel like there’s something growing between us and this is a good way of further establishing something and seeing where it leads."


Claire also shared that she thought the relationship was "getting to the point where we need to think about life after this experience", adding that Andrew hasn't been "forthcoming with his feelings".

During the date, Andrew surprised Claire with a poem he'd written for her, with the reality star saying, "Who'd have thought that you were this romantic?"

"I think I'm surprising myself," Andrew said with a laugh.

Farmer Wants A Wife's Claire
Claire was shocked when she found out the other women had gone home. Photo: Seven

The following day, Andrew told the cameras that he "felt excited when I woke up this morning, there’s a feeling of anticipation and adventure and the unknown too".

"I haven’t felt this for a long time. It’s very clear as to where I want to go now," he added, revealing he wanted to commit to Claire.

Andrew spoke with the other two women, Jessie and Sarah, telling them he has "feelings for someone else" and wanted to be fair to them by saying goodbye, rather than dragging things out when he'd made his mind.

The farmer organised a romantic setting that evening to tell Claire his decision, with Claire saying, "Andrew said, ‘Meet me out the front tonight, we need to talk’. I think it’s going to be something big."

Farmer Wants A Wife's Andrew and Claire
The couple were excited to see where things will go. Photo: Seven

"My feelings with Andrew have developed... the chemistry has definitely been there since the first date. There’s nobody like him where I come from at all," she said. "He just keeps getting better. He’s a hand holder, who would have thought? I’m definitely staying until he doesn’t want me to be here anymore."

When they met, he shared, "When I first met you, with your green eyes that first captured me, I started thinking, ‘Well who is this girl who grew up on Flinders Island, who spent time living in Darwin and rode trackwork, and swam horses in Fannie Bay’?

"I suppose the thing that stuck out the most was that moment we shared a kiss out here on the log."

He continued, "You wanted me to let you know if my feelings changed in any way, and I guess that probably brings me, now, to that my feelings have changed. It’s time I share them with you. Claire I’m falling in love with you and I don’t expect you to (reply)."

Claire laughed and told him that she shared his feelings, asking, "So what happens now?"

"Now we just hang out?" she said, with Andrew telling her, "We’ll just make it up each day you’re here I suppose."

"Who would have thought this would have happened, it’s kind of mind blowing," Claire said.

Fans loved Andrew's way of handling things, with one Twitter user writing, "Huge respect to Farmer Andrew for being honest rather than dragging the other women to the end."

"Congrats to Farmer Andrew and Claire," another added. "All the best with the rest of your love story."

"Good on Andrew for being honest with all the women once he knew where his heart was!" a third said.

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