Farmer Wants A Wife thrown into chaos after shock twist: 'Sucks'

Co-host Natalie Gruzlewski left the farmers stunned with the announcement.

Just as this year’s Farmer Wants A Wife contestants were getting comfortable, the show’s co-host Natalie Gruzlewski introduced a major twist during Sunday night’s episode.

Natalie revealed that 10 intruders would be joining the show, with the farmers tasked with taking two women on a speed date to choose which one they had a connection with.

Farmer Wants A Wife’s Natalie Gruzlewski speaking with the farmers.
Farmer Wants A Wife’s Natalie Gruzlewski introduced 10 intruders during Sunday night’s episode. Photos: Channel Seven

“As you all know, I’ve had the pleasure over the years of helping many farmers find their soulmate,” she said.

“I didn’t want you to miss out and I wanted to make sure that you had every chance at finding love. So I've done a little bit of research and I have hand-picked ladies that I would love you to meet.”


Farmer Brad chose to pursue a romance with 30-year-old boarding house supervisor Shelby, while Farmer Brenton wanted to take 21-year-old radiology assistant Jemma back to his farm.

Farmer Andrew picked 37-year-old interior design director Sarah, Farmer David formed a connection with 32-year-old disability support worker Alyssa, and Farmer Matt wanted to get to know 22-year-old dressage rider Madelon more.

Farmer Wants A Wife’s farmers with their chosen intruder.
Each farmer took two women on a speed date and chose one to take back to their farm. Photo: Channel Seven

'It sucks'

After making their decisions, the farmers arrived hand-in-hand with their chosen partner at a country fair gathering to meet their current ladies - which sparked jealousy amongst the group.

“It was a little bit tough, not so nice to see them holding hands,” Olivia said about Matt and Madelon’s arrival. “I didn’t know how to comprehend it.

“It’s obviously hard when you’re starting to get feelings for someone and they’re dating other people. I understand that Matt needs to do what he needs to do to find love, it’s more just the fear of the unknown.”


Frankie, who is yet to have a single date with her farmer Brenton, also told producers she was upset with the new arrivals and said she might leave the show.

“It sucks a lot,” she said. “Brenton’s obviously connected really well with Jemma on their date, but I never had a date. To me, that says enough. I’m not really gonna wait around for a date that’s probably not going to come.

“For me, that’s enough to show that he’s not really that interested in me. I will choose to walk - I will go home.”

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