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Everything you need to know about Australia's first Sleep Hotel

Need a good night's sleep? Win a $2000 sleepcation with Emma Sleep

If you're lacking some shut-eye, you need to head to Australia's first Sleep Hotel. Designed by the sleep experts Emma Sleep, the hotel is designed to educate guests on the importance of a good night's sleep - and help you enjoy the ultimate slumber.

Bellboy standing outside hotel door of Australia's first Sleep Hotel
Emma Sleep has designed Australia's first Sleep Hotel. Photo: Emma Sleep

The hotel is opening its doors in June, and Emma are offering you the chance to win one of the first stays at the hotel. Guests will be greeted at the entry by the Emma Hotel’s resident 'Snoreman', and guided to the Rest-ception for a 2pm tuck-in.

From there, you'll be treated to an Emma-themed movie catalogue, goodie bags, custom Emma cocktails, and an Emma-inspired playlist. Then, you'll be taken through a special 'pillow pairing' session where you'll be matched with the perfect pillow to suit your sleeping position and needs, which you can take home with you mind you.

Woman in eye mask lying on pillow
You'll experience a 'pillow pairing' session if you win a stay at Emma Sleep's Sleep Hotel


You'll also be given a personalised 1:1 session with Emma’s resident Snooze-ologist to help you learn about healthy sleep habits. The session aims to identify any current sleep concerns, educate you on how to improve your sleep and unlock your overall sleep potential moving forward.

At bedtime, you can take your pick from 10 custom sleep suites, designed to cater to different types of sleepers. Each room contains sleep assistance packs, an evening turndown service, and a room service menu that includes items such as a guided meditation or bedtime story.

The prize is valued at more than $2000 and includes a $200 voucher to spend at the hotel bar as well as a goodie bag. For your chance to win a stay at the hotel June 24 - 26, tell Emma Sleep why you deserve the ultimate sleep experience.

Or, join the waitlist to book a stay.

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